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He is a funny guy though LOL. Waiting for them to merge with the previous animation at the third arc :) There is this G30 program that allows me to study in Japan in english so lessons are not hard to understand. I intend to study Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering in either Kyushu or Nagoya University. Do you happen to prefer music with a faster pace? I prefer those with a very slow pace like those and I like rock as well.
  Have not been frequenting the thread of the late but anyways I will be laying down more tunes as per normal, Some of you guys may remember this tune, heres the original lol!   One of my favourites from Suara Mugen no Oka     Probably my favourite slow song(ballet?) from AT2 KIZNA
I believed that sanity at head-fi was already long gone LOL Sound Science section.
Creepy? I find it rather pleasing to myself LOL I dont really fancy joypads myself, it really hurts my thumbs when i play and the arcade sticks always give me more precision on my playing. Im lucky to have a understanding family i guess. According to them getting a dutch wife will be over the limits but its not like i need them(i still find them nicer than dollfies and i really want one to dress LOL)
Like the stuff in the middle :) Nice Yeti. Nyanners, laughed my ass off! *Hug* Sharing is caring please :) 12.3! And random stuff I get my hands on at my friends house on PS3 You don't like BlazBlue? DIIIIEEEEE For me personally, I'm deciding between a EMU or Focusrite Scarlet or Saffire for my interface when I get the chance, currently I borrow my friend's one when I do recordings for others. Another reason is that its awesome for playing around and testing as well. As...
LOL! And since some since to be doing it(nice stations and headphones) Here's yet another one of mine, not much as changed saved for an extra siggy and the monitor.     
Came back to this thread and lolwhut did I just see. Anyways, I observe a lack of music in this thread :) so here is some. I'm a fan of both(Asuka and Rei) since they all wear tight suits :>   New pv, Can't wait to buy it! Can't embed it lol.     My favourite group Love Live! I really love their live performance, glad the anime is coming out!   A few weeks back Utada Hikaru comes up with a new song after a long...
post in wrong thread >_>
Fancy stuff! let me know if you find a solution, living with VAC for now till I upgrade my DAC.
Get a Creative DAC with the What U Hear device, mine does the stereo mix with -100db in noise level which should be adequate. I can't use it though as my Creative DAC is being used for playback as well 
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