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Will be bringing along my Pioneer Monitor 10s(2 of them), SRH840 and HD800s. May be also bringing the HD25s and for amps, the AMB M3 amplifier(estimated to finish building by early, mid July). As one member has mentioned, there was a meet held in April already. Also there is one mini meet happening at June. So August would be perfect. Also by then a few of my friends as well would have finished building some of their amps to bring a long. 
Thanks for the help!
No multimeter till tomorrow, recabling these headphones. It appears that the + of the left driver is connected to the right as well for some weird reason. Ground is the brown color cable that is soldered on the same place for both drivers. There are 6 wires on the left driver because its single cable entry and the second set of 3 wires on the left driver is connected on the right one.
  Anyone has any idea why both drivers would require 3 wires? Can I wire them up in 2 wire per driver?
Bought some first print jpop cds for about 3k or 2.5k yen 2 years back, now my discs are worth 8k yen each. Bought a limited edtion box set of 12 cds for 24000 yen which my friends thought was crazy just a year ago, now its worth 100k yen. So are CDs worth the investment? HELL YEAH.
okay, removed the damn foam, actually did not like the sound after that, all my effort to suppress the treble was utterly wasted. You get a more open sound but you get sibliance.
Not aiming for bass and mids neutrality but I just stuffed as much felt as I could with good results. I think some tissue/very thin cloth over the driver may help but I can't secure it over the driver properly. Btw what exactly does removing the foam do?
Really? I saw some disassembled UM reshells and I thought some of them have really low build quality. I really hope the only change in sonics in a reshell is due to insertion depth and not driver retuning as the TF10 sound is ridiculously good with EQ.
Nice stuff going on there! Not really a diplomat but anyways, deadlylover baka!(runs away)   Waiting, waiting....   Some music while you wait for cliffhangers to resolve,  
@deadlylover, you are the worse T_T   This season so far mostly sucks, can barely find anything I like. The good stuff every week mostly come from last season.
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