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Not aiming for bass and mids neutrality but I just stuffed as much felt as I could with good results. I think some tissue/very thin cloth over the driver may help but I can't secure it over the driver properly. Btw what exactly does removing the foam do?
Really? I saw some disassembled UM reshells and I thought some of them have really low build quality. I really hope the only change in sonics in a reshell is due to insertion depth and not driver retuning as the TF10 sound is ridiculously good with EQ.
Nice stuff going on there! Not really a diplomat but anyways, deadlylover baka!(runs away)   Waiting, waiting....   Some music while you wait for cliffhangers to resolve,  
@deadlylover, you are the worse T_T   This season so far mostly sucks, can barely find anything I like. The good stuff every week mostly come from last season.
I'm back here for a while, been busy with projects of the late. Anyways, with this season, Love Live for best anime please. Other then that, there is not much better(okay maybe Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and ZKC). Psycho Pass and Jojo are the best from last year and pretty much continue to rule this season in my books.
The A5s are a lot better than the A2s in reproduction due to the size, which you may find too big as well(A5 has a 5" woofer). I have been looking to upgrade(or rather sidegrade) my pair of R2000T Edifier speakers for quite a long while and I found this.Some of the studio guys like the speakers and frankly its the most innovative or interesting design at this price point which was what grabbed me. Have not heard one though. Its front ported so if you are in a tight space...
Since its Christmas and all, merry Christmas!
Its a novel, Date A Live as you guess its a harem thing, iirc it has an anime for winter. Jaben, Stereo, Headphone Gallery, I really like heading to Stereo and I do buy locally despite MSRP for warranty purposes. I don't know about the scene in Indo but here, its really very competitive.
I personally don't like the way Jaben does business, but really its not for discussion here :) stuff that arrived at my friends place, middle one is mine, apparently I discovered, Rie Fu and Suara have 24/48, 24/96 and DSD files downloadable online, its a paid service though. Prices are pretty reasonable compared to the price I pay for my albums :D
Watched Jojo and I thought this episode the emphasise and screaming of the major was pretty annoying. Speedwagon's commentary in the first arc wasn't nearly as annoying. Awesome episode still though. 
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