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Singapore   M50s, M50s everywhere. The Limited edition ones seem to all over the place recently.
AKG has a bunch of guerilla marketing around, in Dengeki G's if anyone reads it, Hoshizora Rin from Love Live! wears AKG Q701s. Looks like 701s go around a lot. Custom Cmoys? better have a original mascot as well :P
Nice faceplates, anyways, in Japan, even Dunu has a mascot for their stuff. Railgun as a anime was pretty darn decent and excellent as a spin-off.   
I bumped up that very old thread by accident, in case you missed it
FitEar's Sakamoto Moene(google lol) Fitear Monet is FitEar's new IEM for anisong, anime and whatever. Fujiya Avic's impressions on the sound here Seeing their clients, I'm not surprised if they can pull it off with their client's participation(if any) :) I need the resolution to watch H, so I think this will be the perfect IEM for me :P Bump up for old thread :P
FitEar's mascot for their new 5 driver IEM specially to flatter anisongs and anime in general. Cute! Not bad, designing a dac yourself is quite the feat in the first place, even if it measures as it is. The measurements from the E-MU should be pretty conclusive though having the plots posted would make it easier to understand why and how it happened? Did you do the test with the recommendations stv014 gives? If not, you should try to see if you get significantly...
Moar IEMs for this week, no girl sightings though, specifically a Westone 4, Shure SE535, and a unknown CIEM. Demographics of those wearing them, 2 are at least office workers and 1 student(Se535). 
  While room correction will be utterly wasted(really utterly wasted unless even if you have moolah to shell on a Earthworks mic) on such a product :P I do look forward to such a "pro" hub of sorts the size of the M8 with combo jacks and the wet/dry thing along with a reasonable(like O2 good) headphone out for zero latency monitoring for recording guitars and mics. Got a micport from them and those are simply awesome.   Frankly I thing stuffing another output port would...
I'm also interested in programme 10-6 as well about the micro speaker non-linear distortion. AES has some interesting stuff up for sure. I would also like to hear the results of the AES recording competition going on.
I used to have a O2 in my pants amping 840s as well, till someone complaint how inappropriate it was, if you know what I mean. Saw a westone and phonak this week, both IEMs are extremely popular here.
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