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The DAC2 from a manufacturer Benchmark,, Benchmark will have their demo at Room 1000 at RMAF. 
  Darn cool product there, even if its more of a novelty thing, I think its very innovative especially in this world where people need to be taught how to listen to music.
I think you will love Engineer's Filter Joe Bloggs.   Anyways, I did not post as promised on the advanced eq thread as promised but I would like to say the concept of it and doing it has really given new life to my headphones. To prevent clipping I usually set global gain down by 3db. Never mind reduction in non linear performance, the gains in terms of FR and my experience that I got makes it totally worth it!    As for replaygain, I decided to have it of and move the...
Sad to see many denouncers down here on what is still kind of a special headphone to me. I own a SRH840 but I still think the M50 is a brilliant headphone if you get one cheap. The sound, its portable and does a good job for what it is meant to do. It is kind of sad that the price went up though.   I have heard the D2K, I agree with Malveax, its a great headphone but at the same time it is significantly(at least to me) more expensive than a M50 and on top of that its...
Yup :), getting mine next year but not any time soon, the market has quite some contenders in it. And regarding power, it has no doubt more power than anything out there compared to the others.
Too bad about the student here but I was glad to see you guys from the start of the blog Michael :) will get one next year. 
Haha, yup, 1.5 WATTS/channel, not sure when I did the basic math(which I'm not sure if correctly) with the dBV calculations, its still swinging way more power than the whatever the competition has.
Saw a bunch of shure/westone IEMs on people recently, WHERE ARE MY HEADPHONES PEOPLE.
I don't see it on the store yet, but exact price is 699.50 USD, there will be a special offer from Michael to head-fiers and blog readers if I'm not wrong. I'm rather impressed by the product specs, 3 levels of sonic shaping for each sonic control(treble, bass, impedance,gain) and all the other added features as well so far. Can't wait for coverage and impressions on it.   Here is the product page on the main site.   LOL...
Finally, another reason to take photos with cute girls wearing nice IEMs :S  And before anyone ask, I'm not desperate :)
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