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They would sound totally different since the digital implementations are very different at least in terms of their filtering choices.
Re: Noticeable improvement with the UD120, seems like not all Async applications are created equal. The Wyrd does not do sh1t with the Geek IEM but does some voodoo with the UD120
So I had requests asking to see whether the UD120 or async DACs could benefit from the Wyrd, the answer is a pretty clear yes in a measurements fashion. Test was done with separate laptops on battery for DAC and ADC to avoid ground noise.       
This is true, some Aysnc applications take up a ton(relative to sync) of resource, particularly measurable in dpc latency compared to similar isochronous sync solutions. Sadly my UD120 got lost in the mail somewhere so I could not investigate the Wyrd with an asynchronous DAC but at least to say my observations together with subjective hearing is that the Wyrd is no pixie dust. At the very least the effects are measureable though as Jason has already mention, well below...
Try uninstalling other audio drivers and even your usb root hub via Device manager if possible.
You could start with a better tone first rather than call us out as circle jerks while pooing all over the thread. Well yeah it seems you should go back to SS or Hydrogenaudio since it seems you are little up for discussion given your "objective" predisposition. Schiit for one never marketed the device with any promises on whether it actually does anything at all. Besides, this is the wrong avenue to bring up philosophical BS, there are other avenues for that. So what...
EBay up "cm6631a SPDIF" and check out the stuff offered. Low jitter does not really have to break the bank.There are a couple of offerings that would be pretty good.
dmdr Stereophile's review indicated already that your best bet would be to get a low jitter SPDIF solution if you would wish to get the most out of your Essence One since the USB input measurements looks to me like crap altogether, even $49 usb DACs do better than that.   To the rest,I really don't understand the need to sh1t all over the Schiit. If it works than great for you, if it does not get a refund or troubleshoot what went wrong first. There is no need for trolls...
Measurements of the HD600 into the Bakoon indicate that Current mode drive will change the frequency response. This is only suitable for Orthos. When they claim DF will not be issue, it means that the Damping Factor will not affect the amp's non-linear distortion(THD+N) which is true. There is a nice lengthy and digestable thread on the Bakoon HPA-01 and how it works on another site, just google.
Yeah, just keep it stock and simple and add an amp or get a bigger battery. I had a friend used a 5V battery to power his Raspy Pi which gave him noise issues but YMMV if you really want to try a battery supply.   /double facepalm on abuse of emc standards compliance, I give up, you win kay?
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