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Hey guys, I wanted to try something stupid a couple of weekends back and plug the wyrd into my EMU0404 power for lols. During this experiment I ripped the Wyrd out from its case and took some measurements with a multimeter. During this process, it occurred to me why there are some people with problems with the Wyrd. With some devices, the load maybe too much for the Wyrd there might be a voltage drop. Got the same symptoms as a few others, flickering of lights and no audio...
Actually in the prototype which Purrin handled there may be some differences in 0 hour vs warmup changes that are very measureable and have considerable effect in audio frequencies. I know the Geek Out v1 can be measured for such differences easily.
Measured it, it mostly appears as common mode noise on short RCA runs. Nothing advanced like emi field visualizers just moving the cable and eyeballing the distance lol. 
The Wyrd has a small emi footprint but nevertheless its best to place it further away from the amp. Its really very small compared to say the regular Audio GD R-cores/ chinese toroidal linear supplies.
It sounds like a clock or warm-up related issue. I'm not kidding. Hard to catch on static measurements sometimes but it can show up as an increase in low level jitter or poor handling of full scale signals. Try letting the unit completely cool off and try it again cold and fully warmed up. 
The Wyrd might not help/make worse a system if your system is plague by ground loops. Or else it colors about as much as a laptop pc port lol. For poorly designed/ normal design usb implementations not limited to bus powered DACs/devices, the Wyrd might help.
Hey Kaiteck, do pm me, I have a UD120 I would love to let go, I'm local! The UD120 should be okay behind the desktop even with a bunch of cables. Will be happy to let you try out.
They would sound totally different since the digital implementations are very different at least in terms of their filtering choices.
Re: Noticeable improvement with the UD120, seems like not all Async applications are created equal. The Wyrd does not do sh1t with the Geek IEM but does some voodoo with the UD120
So I had requests asking to see whether the UD120 or async DACs could benefit from the Wyrd, the answer is a pretty clear yes in a measurements fashion. Test was done with separate laptops on battery for DAC and ADC to avoid ground noise.       
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