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Measurements of the HD600 into the Bakoon indicate that Current mode drive will change the frequency response. This is only suitable for Orthos. When they claim DF will not be issue, it means that the Damping Factor will not affect the amp's non-linear distortion(THD+N) which is true. There is a nice lengthy and digestable thread on the Bakoon HPA-01 and how it works on another site, just google.
Yeah, just keep it stock and simple and add an amp or get a bigger battery. I had a friend used a 5V battery to power his Raspy Pi which gave him noise issues but YMMV if you really want to try a battery supply.   /double facepalm on abuse of emc standards compliance, I give up, you win kay?
I don't feel that even a fully linear psu usb isolator would make any difference in the UD110mk2's design, the improvement is miniscule anyways. I feel that the point of the UD110mk2 is more to use it on its own.    Just to point out, the medical grade stuff is more reliable, more safe against ESD and less radiation but that means little in these devices. Maybe you are trolling on getting such a product for the little Stoner. Also the medical grade stuff is not exactly...
Just went back to my measurements folders and did not find my Ipod one so I did a remeasure, also apologies, I was wrong about the high jitter part, the DX90 has the most jitter between the DX50 and Ipod4g. Reference is off by a little 2.7dBV=3dBFS. Measured with my SB1240 which has pretty good jitter specs.  
You can find my DX50 measurements by googling them. I don't claim my results to be scientific proof or whatever.   Equipment wise I use my fujitsu laptop is always on batteries with the EMU0404 or Creative SB1240 soundcard as the ADC so I would not count it as very scientific either, you are probably disappoint that its not a SR1+, Dscope, RS or SYS2772. I do believe that their distortion is low enough to measure either but its not useful enough to measure high...
The ODAC comes up to me as a definite step above the UD110mk2 ime but depending on setup can be more difficult to get it working properly(mine loses lock easily). The UD110mk2 does its job at its price and is extreme value for money still though. I would spring for the CDAC+ straight alway. The ODAC benefits from isolation and power supply though not as much as the UD110mk2 which scales a lot less.
Well, I had loaners from my friends which I kept for a pretty long time. 
My measurements are on the pirate's site and its pretty difficult to get me to A/B stuff I do not have atm :3 
I did some testing for 3 players, Ibasso's DX50/90 and the Ipod 4g and they show different problems, some of them has marginal jitter performance(low frequency jitter) and the DX50 has marginal IMD performance. Choice of DACs like the 9018 can determine the signature of the DAP, even if the distortion discreetly measure below the threshold of audibility, I do believe the sum of distortion is audible to users. 
Reserved slot.
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