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NYC spring meet will be held in the Babylon American Legion Hall where the meet was held in 2005- 2006 ,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 I rented the lower part of the hall this time Space will not be a issue can hold 200 people. Wi-FI available   All Vendors and Members are welcome.(There is no fee for vendor table space,donations for the not so silent auction welcomed) Donations welcome to help cover cost of the room but not required to attend. Donations for the  Not...
I will be there Sunday.
See You There weekend pass purchased!
I joined the kickstarter program in the email it stated cc will be charged Sept 9 2016 #197
https://tactiontechnology.com/?page_id=270  Insane Bass,Great for Gaming.
$1200 was msrp
I jumped on that deal & still have them,was not looking for them at the time but at that price it was a no brainer
You where missed ,but it looks like you where on your own audio mission
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