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Looking forward to hearing the final production units. Vendor & members list updated.
It was also great to talk to you & meet your wife Zach,your table was super busy , 
Here is the link to the NY spring meet in Babylon Long Island.In June
Another great video Jude,Next year I plan on booking a room at the Hotel to hang out for the aftershow events.
They are all considered HP-1000s,Your Hp2 is a HP1000.
Check out this link to see what to expect at the meet,I will add you to the list..
I Have a new unused schiit loki dsd dac for sale.Pics of actual unit.   For sale $125.00 shipped Con Usa only
Added to the members list.
I have contacted all the vendors + others .that I talked to at Can Jam,A lot of interest, Vendors checking there schedules. I will update vendor list as I get  final confirmations.
HeadAmp added to the vendor list.
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