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I still have mine ,loving them with my modded Cary 300sei,The Ec ZD also does a good job with them.
I have a Ultrasone ED10 I bought new in 2011 used for only 1 hour & put back in the box,I have all the origional items  that came with it.As new Condition. I am the origional owner ,Has  a trans warranty till 2018 $1695.00 Free shipping in the con USA .Postal money order,No paypal pics upon request. I am limiting this to the Con USA.   
I came from Headwize to Head-fi.
The Hugo has no problem driving the HE500s & sounds damn good with it.I used the Hugo with my dx100 as a transport using the coax connection driving my Hardwired wire world  6 silver eclipseHe500s.
Most of the testing was done with a Hifi Man  Wireworld silver eclipse  6 Hardwired HE500 with 4 pin XLR, with a SAA equinox  1/4 adapter cable into the HugoVinnie had  a 4pin XLR adapter cable to 2.5mm TRRS to the RWA AK240,Also a balanced HD650 brought by Vinnie.With the adapter cables it was easy to switch between the Hugo & RWA AK240 as both had female 4 pin XLRs . Both The Hugo  & RWA K240 Handled both headphones really well to our surprise.The headphones where...
Vinnie from RWA will be in attendance.
I am in.
There are 2 screws on the bottom of the amp in the middle(in line with the volume control) that are counter sunk that hold the tube cage.Do a search it may have been posted about biasing the amp.
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