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John Hope for the best!
Its a pretty big room,so it should not be that bad listening to open cans.
Great to hear,looking forward to meeting you.
Getting closer
The list is in the 2nd post of the thread. To be clear even if you are not on the list,you can attend the meetthe list give us a idea on how many members are attending.
15 days & counting! still plenty of room for vendors & members.
Moved you to the vendor list.
17 days to go!
Plenty of space.I will update the members list.See you there.
Check out this link from the 2012 meet.   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/2012-new-york-spring-head-fi-meet#UYUOCm3QePaJdgfH.97 As far as wipes you will have to ask owners of the headphones you try if its ok before you use them on the phones. Bring your own phones as well.
New Posts  All Forums: