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The Dx100 does a nice job driving the HEKs.
List on cable $300 save $100 cable is like new.
Hey Jamey,      Good news to Hear ,Love the avatar!
For sale a 2meter Cardas Clear light cable for Hifi man headphones with screw on connecters,HE500,HE6 & so on.1/4 plug Asking $200.00 shipped in the Con USA. only excellant condition postal money order,no paypal    
Some great impressions posted My pair only has a couple of hours on it,I believe in actually listening to the headphones to break them in. Some manufactures do not recommend pink noise for extended periods as it can damage the drivers. Also leaving them run 24- 7 can overheat the drivers,I have done that with my ED9s without a problem but it is possible. The HEK1000s do have micro detail at low level but it is not prominate so raising the volume lets you hear it...
Those look like reissue WE300bs
Mine was just delivered,Will get some headtime tonight.
I received my tracking info as well.
Thats what I am talking about,Great impressions!
Ad  on audioasylum is gone.
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