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Still available.
1)-101322   2)-105637   3)-109987
Count me in ,I will make it in the afternoon due to work.Gear to be determined later.
I stopped in with a friend for a couple of hours ,didn't listen to anything but had some good conversations with Dan,Jim & mike & staff at LSW put out a good space & food spread .To bad I had already had lunch.Met a few members ,sorry I didn't get to meet everyone.  It was a nice small meet & I am sure future meets will grow larger. My friend did pick up  a nice pair of phones at a good price for his wife, & I want to thank LSW for the gift bag.
Will only stay a couple of hours as we will be dropping off our wifes at the shopping center to keep them busy.
I am in town & will attend with a guest no gear to bring though.
The Dx100 does a nice job driving the HEKs.
List on cable $300 save $100 cable is like new.
Hey Jamey,      Good news to Hear ,Love the avatar!
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