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I will be bringing a SACD player.
I am leaning on getting there early
Looks like I scored the MIT gift certificate  Thanks to all the vendors for the Shag donations.
1 more month to go & counting!
I decided to come to CanJam  at the last minute & I am glad I did. I talked to a lot of the vendors I never met before it was a pleasure meeting & talking to you all.,also Meeting Joe & warren for the first time was cool also head-fi members to put a face to head-fi monikers.Good seeing  members I already know as vendors. Jason & Mike there is a Pizza with your name on it when you come to NY for a meet   I should really take listing impression  notes ,because...
They have  very good bass ,but I wouldn't call them a basshead phone Undetermined but should be less then the pm2,still in beta  best for the oppo reps to answer.
I listened to the three prototype pm-3s And compared them to each other at Can Jam using my 5.5 generation Ipod .Which is a RWA IMOD but used the regular headphone out on it.1 of the pm3s sounded closed in similar to the pm1s & 2s,The other 2 where closer in sound to each other one having a hair more bass  in sound but not as wide a headstage.The later 2 pm3s sound more open & extended then ethier the pm1 or 2sthey actually sound like a open can. I also tried the pm1s &...
I just booked my flights and will be coming in on sat morning,also registered for a 2 day pass. See you all next week!
Apex Squirt
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