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Still available!
I have updated  the first post with some recent concerts I been to this year
Tim you will have a conflict with this meet
We set the trend but you guys picked up the ball & ran with it
Great job to the organizers.  Just a little tidbit about Grado never going to meets,the first 4 NY regional meets in 2002-2004 where held at Grado Labs,John also came to the the first national meet in Queenswith the prototype GS1000s. Now to get back on track with the meet impressions,Post them if you have some for those of us who weren't able to attend.
up & away.
Count me in!
Check out  go to  audio forum soundbars   I use a Vizio 54 3.1 sound bar with a subwoofer & am very happy with it. Soundbars make for simple solution for better sound then the tvs speakers
Thanks for the reply someone else did the update I will ask how it was done.Can I reset the player hitting the reset button with a pin ,or is it to late.
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