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I came from Headwize to Head-fi.
The Hugo has no problem driving the HE500s & sounds damn good with it.I used the Hugo with my dx100 as a transport using the coax connection driving my Hardwired wire world  6 silver eclipseHe500s.
Most of the testing was done with a Hifi Man  Wireworld silver eclipse  6 Hardwired HE500 with 4 pin XLR, with a SAA equinox  1/4 adapter cable into the HugoVinnie had  a 4pin XLR adapter cable to 2.5mm TRRS to the RWA AK240,Also a balanced HD650 brought by Vinnie.With the adapter cables it was easy to switch between the Hugo & RWA AK240 as both had female 4 pin XLRs . Both The Hugo  & RWA K240 Handled both headphones really well to our surprise.The headphones where...
Vinnie from RWA will be in attendance.
I am in.
There are 2 screws on the bottom of the amp in the middle(in line with the volume control) that are counter sunk that hold the tube cage.Do a search it may have been posted about biasing the amp.
Great impressions! Keep them coming.For those who where unable to attend the meet. I enjoy reading them ,making it worth all the effort in organizing the  meet.     And for all the newbies Sorry about your Wallet 
Herueyes,            How are you liking the PS500s?
The first 10 pics are from this meet ,the rest where from the 2013 meet.I am sure Jude will add more.
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