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Trades considered.
Beyerdynamic  added to the vendor list .   I will be contacting more Vendors after the  holidays.     All vendors welcome.if you are interested in coming post in the thread.
are they available for sale yet? I am interested in the dongles.
Always welcomed ! Added to the Vendor list.
The date of the meet has been changed to Sat May 2nd from may 16th mark it on your calenders.
You may want to checkout the mass drop dt880 deal
I will be contacting Vendors after Thanksgiving,I have along list of contacts from RMAF All Vendors Welcome!
Post more  impressions if you have them.  On another note.   NY Spring meet in babylon Sat may 16th 2015 see you all there. 
VENDORS Mr Speakers Vinnie Rossi (RWA) ZMF Headphones Woo Audio Beyerdynamic   MEMBERS OF THE PRESS Frank I (Headphone. Guru)   MEMBERS BirdManOfCT Mullet immtbiker Kerry ESL-1 sujitsky vertical jpelg mlthelaher MD1032
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