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Hello everyone, so, long time no see Head-Fi, glad you're still here Aight, enough chit chat. My question is about my well working but not so good sounding DT770s. In my opinion they lack that "good sounding bass" which was well advertised for me when I was getting them headphones while ago. They also sound quite boring without an external amp (that's how i usually use them, but when I plug them to my Denon AV home receiver, they feel like that they they come to...
Which amp do you have?
So, as Apple has got their new plug in their devices, I've got a specific moment to ask things about it. I'm about to buy a FiiO E11 and an L3 LOD cable for it. BUT. How should I plug it to this new iPhone? Should I get a 30-pin to Lightning bolt- adapter or something else? Does it make the sound quality worse if I used one between the iPhone and the L3? This noob thanks in advance
Thanks both of you! But if I'm going to buy some higher end headphones in future like HD650 are they able to be driven by FiiO? Or are there other choices if I'm considering to change my 'phones?
Thanks a lot! The soundstage is amazing on them already, exactly Are there any solid state amps someone could recommend? That's because the tubes might be a problem..
Been using my DT770 80 ohms about a year now without an amp. They actually sound pretty boring without one. No great bass as there should be, sound stage isn't so great etc. I have a Denon home receiver in our living room, I think it gives my Phones a slightly better kick. Anyways, I need an amp/DAC to my own room. So which one, an amp or a DAC would I benefit the most? I've been looking at Schiit Asgard and HRT Music Streamer II, impressions on them? My source is an...
I'm about to order a Schiit Asgard soon for my iPad -> DT770 80 ohm system, not sure about it yet though.. Maybe should get a DAC as well, as expensive as it sounds all together
Any first hand impressions guys? Just wondering how it sounds as I'll get mine next week
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