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I was aware that they weren't the first to do so, hence the edit. haha I just thought it was interesting that the earpiece itself likes like the mouthpiece of a trumpet :P ahhh well  
^ Back then, when Beats and Skullcandy were acceptable. ;)  
IMO, Comply tips are some of the most comfortable tips out there. When you exercise and sweat and such, it actually makes the fit and the sound even better. Perfect for jogging  Plus, the integrated wax guard helps keep ear wax out and your sound in. Very clever invention ;)
I have comply ear tips for every set of IEM's I own. Even my Monster products. ;)
Honestly, the only thing I like so far about these headphones is the integration of the "flat style" cord into an IEM that aren't the Beats Tours. I hate Beats. Lol Anyways, one other thing I like is the integration of the driver into the ear itself. Quite an interesting innovation!   EDIT: ^ Albeit they're not the first to do so though! haha Upon further research, I am incredibly happy Monster is taking an anti-counterfeit stance with these headphones. The inclusion...
Man oh man those look nice. I imagine they have some pretty mindblowing mids and highs considering the driver is in the ear.. but we shall see ;) hopefully microphonics isn't an issue with these like I've had with Monster headphones in the past (Turbine Copper pro's.)
You know when you're an audiophile when your girlfriend berates you for buying six hundred dollar headphones and a three hundred dollar headphone amp and you say" What's the big deal?" The best part is, it's not a big deal
Upon looking at this, there is a very good chance that these are real. A good way to be sure though is to go onto the Monster Cable website and look at the authorized dealers and approved internet resellers list. If this seller is up there, then $299 is a good price. But IMO, the best deal you can probably find right now is from this authorized reseller  on Cheers!    
Hi there! Just in reply to your inquiry about fake golds, they are indeed out there. Not too long ago I encountered some that this guy was trying to sell to me for unusually cheap, claiming he had "recieved them as a gift." The give-away was the interneal speaker on the inside once the tip had been removed. It should protrude out in a convex fashion, not go in like the fakes do. Another way I told the fakes from real is the packaging of the super tips and silicone tips...
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