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This kind of price fixing is never a good thing for the consumer, 'thankfully' the retailer can still charge less but I have no idea how they indicate this to the consumer other than on the bill. I find it really sad that this kind of stuff goes on, Sennheiser seems to think they are the sole authority on the value of their goods and that the free market cannot be trusted.   On a lighter note, just received my Ultrasone pro 750s today and I am loving the sound signature,...
Reading that I am amazed at the amount of control Sennheiser imposes on the retailer.   Cannot apply generic discounts to MAP products retailers can sell it at a price less than MAP however they cannot indicate this on the product page, no 'click for lower price' or anything similar...
Make sure it's as blind as can be, don't want a bias 'losing' this A/B for us... :D
I quite like http://headphones.com.au   Specifically the fact that they have free shipping and a 20-day return policy where you get store credit for the value of the headphones you return http://headphones.com.au/FAQ/#5
hahaha awesome, thankfully audiophile-grade headphones can also be pretty :D
I know exactly how you feel, often buying things from the US are 1/2 if not 1/3 the price of buying them locally, and that is including shipping and the possible tax hit at the border if the items are over a certain price. So I am used to often being out of warranty.
Using a small amount of foam would probably be ok, it would most likely change the sound signature somewhat but this shouldn't be anywhere near as bad as making them fully closed.
Sound advice (excuse the pun), $10 is a small price to pay for peace of mind.     http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B004444O4G/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_0?ie=UTF8&index=0&isremote=0 is a little off putting.. although buying them from china would be no better.
hahaha "I can work better with headphones, but if you insist on poor productivity you're the boss..." 
What makes it even better is that he got them and they broke, he managed to convince the retailer to replace them under warranty    I have considered getting him some alphas/betas for a while, but part of me thinks he won't notice the difference and may just respond with "but I already have a pair of earbuds" and pointing out the price isn't really a good idea with a gift.
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