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Is there one coming up soon? Haven't been to one yet, would love to see what other's are rocking.
Hey all, I just stepped up from a K240 MKII to an HD650. It's a pretty awesome. So awesome that I'm starting to hear little blemishes or colorations in the music that I hadn't heard before. Do you guys have any suggestions of any albums/artists that happen to be particularly well mastered and balanced that can really bring out a pair of good headphones? Or are there any forums/sites/communities, etc, that focus on high quality music out there?   Thanks!
The HD650 just came in. Thanks all for the suggestions, quite a great step up from the K240 MKII's. Bigger soundstage, lush sound. Only bad thing about it is that my wife can't hear the difference between her $20 sony wrap arounds and these amazing things. 
  I'm located in Chicago. I suppose I could run by the Guitar Center here to see if they have the HD650 and the 940. I listen to primarily electronic music, lots of indie rock, and every once in a while classical (Rachmaninoff, Chopin)
I don't need it to be portable. The problem with trying other sound signatures is that I don't know where to go hear these cans in person. That seems more ideal than buying and then shipping back and forth..
Ideally under $350. Gotcha - I guess I'm just going for a "better" K240 MKII. I think I'm fairly happy with the amount of bass on it. I've found it usually comes down to the mastering on the particular album and the level at which I'm listening. Turned up I'm pretty happy with the amount of bass on the K240 MKII
So the K701 is not the natural step-up from the K240 MKII?
Say I've got an AKG K240 MKII, and I enjoy it quite a bit. Say I'm currently running a Fiio e10 as my DAC/Amp. Say I am looking for something similar that's a step up from it.    I primarily listen to electronic music. I also regularly play indie-ish rock (Mute Math, Radiohead, etc). I will also occasionally put on some Rachmaninoff or Chopin, but that's more of an exception. I'm usually jamming out to music that's got a pretty big.   Any suggestions for what to...
I own neither an amp or dac yet, was hoping to go with the fiio e10 once it comes out..
So where do we order from?
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