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 Same thing happened with me - hate foamies as a rule (I've literally never used them with any other IEM in the past), but after some initial experimentation came to find them ideal w/ the Vegas.  FWIW I typically use medium eartips but I use the large foamies with a fairly shallow insertion for maximum seal and fidelity. Also +1 to this question, I would love to hear is there are better foam options.
BTW, I must share that I've found using my Vegas w/ my Nintendo Switch & Zelda to be an absolute blast.  The physicality of the IEMs really adds to the experience, esp. late at night playing in bed.
 You prefer them to the Encore??  
 My early take was that at anything above a moderate volume the sound would begin to compress - I could put the volume way up and not find them piercing on many things, just really flabby. Now with another 100 hours or so (including about 20 hours playing heavy bass material at high volume) it seems the ceiling to where this happens is higher.  I think that's ultimately the issue - the driver needs to loosen up some to increase the headroom.
 FWIW, I used the ER4p on a daily basis about a dozen years ago... absolutely painful experience for me as well for the first couple weeks.  Then my ear canals adapted and they pretty much disappeared. The one thing I never got over was anxiety about having something accidentally tug one out of my ear.  My girlfriend at the time tried once and I recall freaking out on her about how she almost ruptured my eardrum, lol.  
 How do you like the Ref 8 vs. the Litz?  Kinda curious to see what someone thinks who has both from the beginning.  EDIT: nevermind, I noticed you said balanced, so it's not really a fair fight :)
 Maybe you're pushing them too far in or need to go up/down a size?  After experimenting I've decided I don't like the tone from the spinfits too much, just lack body.  It really seems that these were tuned with the foamies.  The only problem is anything beyond a really shallow insertion makes then too bloated.  I find what's working best for me are the large foamies just inserted enough to seal - so they're basically sitting almost entirely outside my ears.  They stay in...
 I've tried them, but not a big fan - not a fan of foamies in general.  Hard to insert in such a way that they don't work their way out of my ears after 15 minutes or so.  I am liking the spinfits quite a bit though.
 Initial impressions w/ ~50 hours (according to seamon) is I can see what they were getting at.  As noted above the eartip selection ameliorates it pretty significantly.  I'll continue to burn them in.
 After listening to these for a few hours this is what I'm finding.  Initially used the short/wide bore gel tips (I use these w/ the Andromedas) and was finding sibilance with female voices primarily.  Switched to the spinfits and this went away - mostly, it's riding that edge for me.   One other thing to note for me is these actually sounded pretty poor with the short/wide bore - they were boomy/too thick, which appears to be a product of insertion depth (ie. it I try to...
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