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 Wow.  Does Sennheiser have an explanation for this (only the left)?  I was unaware there were actual failures so that is unfortunate.  Years ago I had Shure e500s that split apart after a couple years. Do you also wear them over ear?  I'm thinking I might have them wound a bit tighter on my left ear, although it doesn't feel like it.
 It basically feels like it has a rigid piece of memory wire in it now.  It doesn't seem like it will crack or anything... just the outer plastic sheathing is pretty rigid.  Yeah the other is as supple as the rest of the cable.
^    Oddly enough, after only five weeks of ownership, my left earpiece's cable has hardened up considerably.  My right one is still supple  Weird.   I bought mine open-box from Amazon, but apparently there is a 90 day warranty.  I'll probably keep these a bit longer before contacted Sennheiser.  FWIW my SN is in the 18 thousand range. 
I've been enjoying the ie800s for about a month.   Just to add something to the amp/dac info, I've tried it so far with:   - rMBP 13" hp out: I was surprised how well this works straight out of the headphone out of my rMPB.  Relative to other sources it's a little loose/undefined in the bass and thin up top, but the wonderful midrange clarity seems unimpacted   - iphone 6 out: pretty similar to rMBP with perhaps just a tad less treble energy   - Dragonfly 1.0:...
 Over ear there are no microphonics.  Of course if you're a bigger person (or have a long neck) over ear may not work for you.
I'm be interested in the Explorer 2 loaner program.   I own an original Explorer 1.  Curious to see how the new one performs.
 I switched between the iphone and regular cables several times and noticed no difference.  I wasn't looking for any sonic differences though, it was purely out of necessity.
Finishing up my week w/ the PM-3s, had about 20hrs of head time (my gf put on an additonal 30 mins :).   These are truly great... I would have pegged these in teh $500-600 area based on sound, fit/finish, etc.   - The fit and finish is truly sublime.  My longest listenging session was at 5 hours (I wear headphones while programming) and the weight for me was perhaps most problematic.  They're not light, but portable enough.   - The sound is titlted a bit warm, but...
 It is indeed! http://headphone.guru/riva-turbo-x-an-audiophile-portable-bluetooth-speaker-2/ "Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the RIVA Audio Turbo X was engineered by Donald North, who is well known within the headphone and personal audio community as the designer of the popular Stratus and Sonnett tube headphone amplifiers. Donald contacted me just prior to CES and asked me to stop by RIVA’s demo room and I’m so happy I did. The rest as they say, is history."
 Can anyone please confirm?  As a head-fier, I don't think I would be alone in saying this knowledge would make this an insta-buy. 
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