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 I switched between the iphone and regular cables several times and noticed no difference.  I wasn't looking for any sonic differences though, it was purely out of necessity.
Finishing up my week w/ the PM-3s, had about 20hrs of head time (my gf put on an additonal 30 mins :).   These are truly great... I would have pegged these in teh $500-600 area based on sound, fit/finish, etc.   - The fit and finish is truly sublime.  My longest listenging session was at 5 hours (I wear headphones while programming) and the weight for me was perhaps most problematic.  They're not light, but portable enough.   - The sound is titlted a bit warm, but...
 It is indeed! "Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the RIVA Audio Turbo X was engineered by Donald North, who is well known within the headphone and personal audio community as the designer of the popular Stratus and Sonnett tube headphone amplifiers. Donald contacted me just prior to CES and asked me to stop by RIVA’s demo room and I’m so happy I did. The rest as they say, is history."
 Can anyone please confirm?  As a head-fier, I don't think I would be alone in saying this knowledge would make this an insta-buy. 
Is this the same Donald North as in DNA?
I would also like to join and agree to the terms and conditions.
 And I've had mine since Feb 2013.  Probably have well over 1000 hours on them at this point.
 Could you describe what the seal is like?  The combination of a triple flange and thin long bore allow them to be inserted super far into the ear, and when they're in there just right, they will create a vacuum seal so solid that you can blow out an eardrum if yanked out hastily (no joke, I recall seeing at least one report of this happening on head-fi way back when).  That's where their crazy isolation comes from.  
 I'm having a similar experience right now w/ 334s vs. custom Roxannes.  I've been listening to the Roxannes nearly daily since March, and over the last few days I've dusted off my 334s as I was going to sell them. To my surprise they are quite an engaging listen, and driven out an Concero HP are unbelievably clear, dynamic, and tight.  There's no way I'm getting rid of these... ever :)
 Haha... I was thinking 'Gloria' was definitely going to be a Siren (If we're talking about the one by Them/Van Morrison which had Jimi Page playing the guitar for, covered by The Doors, Patti Smith, Hendrix, etc)
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