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Man, I love these things.  Been listenening to them probably on average 4 hrs per day since March.   I only listen to headphones while working, and I find myself actually looking forward to work just so I can snap them in my ears. 
 Mine is nearly dead silent - I need to turn it up about 3x comfortable listening level (about 1/2 way up my MBP volume slider) before hiss is perceptible.   I *did* just upgrade the firmware recently and noticed terrible hiss upon plugging in, but that was because the system volume slider was pegged afterward.  
 I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I actually had this in a desk drawer unused for over a year, took it out for grins and surprisingly it's better than my $850 Concero HP.  A bit more detailed, airy, tighter bass.  The only thing I can think of is the Concero having that 2.2 output impedance, but it also handily slaughters the DragonFly (2 v1.2s and 1 v1.0), as well as a Meridian Explorer.  It's literally next-level up stuff, must be some sort of freaky synergy. I've enjoyed...
 JH requires a musicians fit - is this the first time you did that?  
 It definitely was.  I've had a fair share of UIEMs starting with ER4s 10 years ago, but with these I was surprised to find how pliant my ears actually are.
 Don't send them back just yet... had the same issue with my right ear as well, to a lesser degree on my left.  Couldn't take more than 15 minutes at first, by the second day I was able to do about 45 minutes per sitting before the pain was too much and had to take a break.  5 days later I could go several hours but that area would be sore/numb after.  Now 5 months later, there is no rubbing at all.
Have you listened to the Roxannes?
Yeah, that's my thought - it will be some sorta tweaked Roxanne along the line of a freqphase innovation.   Roxanne freq-fazor... anyone?  
Keep in mind you can get CF faceplates which should effectively look the same while in your ears - I don't think there's any hold-up going with that option.  It's somewhat of an engineering marvel to get the full CF, but beyond that I think the novelty wears thin quickly.  
 Jerry actually stated it was going to be the flagship of the "Siren Series", with the implication that they were coming out with several others with it retaining flagship status for awhile.  But that was pre-release talk. 
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