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Any way around is the correct.They all sound the same!Directional cables may sound different installed incorrect, but that would be because the shielding is not mounted correct.Shielding is always from the source and in.
Inkjets are cheap, most all today unless you buy some special (Expensive!) Professional office printers use ink-containers with the print-head as a part of the replaceable part. Inkjets always dry up if not used regularly. Also most new replaceable ink-heads are never 100% full when you buy them! Color laser printers use dry toner, does not dry or clog up. Can be left unused over a long time without inherently getting problems. But lasers, printers and toner-refills,...
Cat5 and better is really overkill for audio-transport, maybe a bit too thick and stiff too, but for the price and availability approved for this use! But any decent, shielded cable you get from a retailer is good enough. The connection to your plug need to be correct though. Shielding is always one-way, from the source and inwards.
 Maybe you should read what the thread you are in is about, before adding a reply?Also look at the dates in the thread, to see when this was active?Always better to read and learn before starting to write!
 You are right, but this also is "scribbling" like your previous drawing here.I just tells him what signals he needs to send where.I am no fan of split-cables like many seems to be, they do the same as you warns about:Making improper loads by connecting various impedance-level devices together, thus sometimes shorting powered outputs, and burning power-transistors etc.He should get some "black-boxes" that takes in line-level signals and mix them together to make a single...
The old versions of Shure E4 are single driver, and truly different "house sound" from the new Shures.Also the E5!I had the E500, i never liked them.They were much "slower", lacking of details and not so "airy"  or punchy as the older ones.They also broke down.So I do recommend the older E4 and E5, not the newer ones.
 I have a set of older Shure E4, they do have some of the same characteristics as the ER4, but not quite so bright.Still a little bass-shy!But better than the ER4!They are discontinued and replaced by newer models, but can still be found, quite expencive though, on eBay and other venues.And should you look for a used set, these were copied a lot!There are many fakes out there!Or if you want more bass, the dicontinued Shure E5 does just that!Still very detailed and airy sound.
 Longer, wider tips "may" reduce the upper frequencies, and increase the lower ones.I do not believe too much of "golden ears" saying these will destroy the sound!"If" they can ever hear any difference!Enjoy your ER4 and custom tips!If they are really that much better comfort-wise, I would love some too!Maybe get a new set of ER4PT !
  Your Rode adaptor has 2 TRRS inputs for microphones, and they advertise you need to buy an adapter to make a microphone connect to either of the microphone inputs.And what is "smartLav" ?So you neeed to find what the pin-configuration of the TRRS inputs are, they are probably not standard.What microphone have you tried with this adaptor?And your Apple MACBook Air has one output, a TRRS to headphones and microphone.So you need to break up the MACBook output into 2...
Do you mean, your phone has 2 microphone inputs using a splitter?And only one , separate headphone output?What about your computer?
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