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 This: http://www.adorama.com/fil21.html if your home theater processor has one single digital RCA input which you are about to connect to. If your home theater processor has two RCA Inputs (L and R), they are analog, and you must use this kind of cable: http://www.svideo.com/fs-3mm-mrca.html Both goes out from the same connector on your FIIO X-5 II.
The ER4P is not mentioned in the ER•4 Upgrade Options ? Is this a typing error only?
It surely will!If the child cries out , even with joy! , straight in your face, you can get damage to your hearing instantly!
And so does noise from traffic, and being exposed to "family noise" from a noisy family with small children!
Is this for the headphone only? Or with the driver/amplifier too?
 I am quite sure cp100 will be too wide for the ER4 IEMs.You need cp800 (small bore) to make them stick.I just ordered a pack of 2 pairs from Jaben in Singapore, free shipping to Norway.
I would love to try this small amplifier, to compare with my older, considerably bigger!, portable amplifiers on the go. Hope I can get a chance now!
http://www.audiologyonline.com/ask-the-experts/when-hearing-aids-cause-itchy-12800   Just a tip! I use these drops:   http://www.westone.com/store/index.php/care-and-accessories/ear-lubricants-and-drops/oto-ease.html
Sorry you have such problems with IEMs! Just an input:  Did you try silicone tips? And did you try using water soluble lube like you use with hearing aids? I did have some problems before, and also with custom IEMs, they need something to make them slide inside my ears without irritation or use of force. I got a small bottle of lube that was meant for hearing aids, like greasy water, from an audiologist shop. It was not cheap, but have lasted me many years so far!
 That one does not isolate anything at all.It does not have a microphone, nor a detachable cable.And that is your recommendation ? I have never seen anything that resembles your wish, do not think there is.Get some IEM, they are your best bet.Why do you reject IEMs?There are some IEMs with microphone, but with a detachable cable also, hardly.But detachable cables is not always better than fixed, even if many here believes so!If you really want to use ClipOns, making a...
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