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Very few people can purchase without paying the VAT?The correct price should be 833,00 € !
You can check the Power supply with a DMM.If that shows no output, you should ask for a new one.If power supply shows OK, return the whole package, just to be sure.
You need to connect your headspeakers to a driver/amplifier, or a separate energizer plus an amplifier, to listen and determine if it sounds OK.Why are you not buying something to connect your headspeaker to?
There is, "almost", like C-moy: http://www.audiophonics.fr/en/ampli-casquepreampli-amplificateur-casque-mobile/kingsound-m03-portable-electrostatic-headphone-amplifier-silver-p-10096.html The King Sound M-03!Now a bit more expensive than a C-moy, maybe not quite sounding like a more expensive electrostatic driver, but not bulky, or too expensive!Doing a DIY version not that easy, it is a bit more complicated than putting together a chip and some resistors and have an...
The yoke of the 507 is metal, the one on L700 is plastic.The connection between headband and yoke of the 507, L700 and 009 are the same, a very poor design!Only a tiny screw and an anchored in plastic nut, and this broke almost at once as I received mine.The L700 also have different electrostatic panels than the 507 and the L300, so how you can tell the angled housing is the reason the sound is perceived different , you should tell?The pads are also different between 507...
It's sad he passed away, he really was a different character in many ways in this line of business.But so far the shop is still open, I did visit there today, so you could still have made a visit. Too bad you ended up with an amplifier you have to argue with yourself about the quality of it's sound!The noise/hiss is an issue with this stated in several reviews.Good luck anyway, hope you stay satisfied.
The room inside the pads, to accommodate your ears sticking more out, is much deeper on the L700 than on the 507. So if this is your issue, the L700 is better.
Which is more comfortable, would be a personal preference.I have a big head, big ears, sometimes felt in the beginning my ears touched the inside of the pads of the 507.Now it does not bother me.The L700 I have not used that much, and is already "trained" to not be bothered if my ears should touch the pads.The L700 did feel "lighter" to wear when I first started using them.
I have both the 507 and the L700 here now, both connected in parallel to my T1, have not had much time listening yet.I own the 507, have borrowed the L700, but I would not spend the extra money for upgrade to the L700 permanent.The L700 does have a higher output compared to the 507, noticeable so.The L700 is also brighter, but this can be equalized to get more even, if necessary.Hall ambiance, stereo width, resolution between these two are not very different.Unequalized...
The little reviews there is shows complaining about hiss. That is not good. I have a set of Shure E5c, and they do hiss with any poor functioning amplifier. LaRocco, Ray Samuels and Xin portable amplifiers, either run on battery or on grid power, does not hiss at all. But if you can easily access and try out, do that.
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