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I did find a Bose Airline adapter that actually have one Stereo and one Mono jack, so this should work giving full signal from your phone: Why you would use this, I cannot understand, as it is bulky and not very useful if you want to avoid stress to your iPhone audio connector. But the problem you experience, might be that this jack has a problem entering all the way in in your iPhone audio connector. You should make sure the jack does enter all the way. These are...
What kind of "airline adapter" can you also use with your iPhone? Airline adapters have two 3.5mm pins, each is Mono, not Stereo. So if you use this adapter with your iPhone, or any other Stereo connector in a device, you will get something mixed/muffled sound from it, not Stereo!
The 90 degree compact elbow adapters do put a strain on the connector when you carry your phone, or other device, in your pocket. I would recommend a short cable adapter instead, like this :   (  eBay item # 262159775482 )   Amazon is sadly not very good for users in other countries than the US; fees or unavailability for non-US customers is too widespread. eBay also now with their Global Shipping Program is killing off the hope of getting fair shipping prices to...
Now I am lost, I really do not see what you are asking for here! Do you think you can find a "miracle device" that works automatically as you dream it should, and clears all your list of accessible devices down to your preferred size? Why do you have so many devices connected?
What kind of software platform are you on? Windows has possibility to set microphone input and sound output separate of each other. So you can define any USB microphone as your input device (Recording device), while still use your Schiit Bifrost as your sound output device (Playback device).
 I have this from years ago,the Sennheiser HH 10 is not to be found any longer!But I just got another from eBay, just a good copy and an affordable price, from China.Just search on eBay, there were still a few left when I checked.The copy is equal quality to the original, and it takes Stax electrostatic headphone just perfectly! (eBay item # 301655853998)
A small, but visible, little red/green dot for right/left side stamped in the housing would be nice.
Sorry about that , I am quite sure your amp is faulty then.I would try to get a new one from Fiio if I was you.
That is one the first amps produced by Fiio, it was sold in a pre-production limited run here in Head-Fi before offered for sale in the marked.I have one of those, a nice sounding "digital class" power amplifier for passive speakers.I also tried it with the Stax SRD-7 MkII energizer, sounds nice, just lacking a bit in the bass.But Fiio cleaned out their product line, and the original power amp , already discontinued, was removed and replaced by the new version of the E5/E6...
I am not sure how the Fiio A1 acts when it does a "overload" protection reaction, maybe a sudden reload.If so, most cell phones will stop playing as it sees as disconnect/connect of the headphones connected (In this incident, the A1 connected to the headphone out).Try shut the A1 off, and see what happens, when in a middle of playing a song.If this is how the Fiio A1 does react to a sudden overload, you just have to turn down the volume.Or this may also be a faulty Fiio...
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