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 I have this from years ago,the Sennheiser HH 10 is not to be found any longer!But I just got another from eBay, just a good copy and an affordable price, from China.Just search on eBay, there were still a few left when I checked.The copy is equal quality to the original, and it takes Stax electrostatic headphone just perfectly! (eBay item # 301655853998)
A small, but visible, little red/green dot for right/left side stamped in the housing would be nice.
Sorry about that , I am quite sure your amp is faulty then.I would try to get a new one from Fiio if I was you.
That is one the first amps produced by Fiio, it was sold in a pre-production limited run here in Head-Fi before offered for sale in the marked.I have one of those, a nice sounding "digital class" power amplifier for passive speakers.I also tried it with the Stax SRD-7 MkII energizer, sounds nice, just lacking a bit in the bass.But Fiio cleaned out their product line, and the original power amp , already discontinued, was removed and replaced by the new version of the E5/E6...
I am not sure how the Fiio A1 acts when it does a "overload" protection reaction, maybe a sudden reload.If so, most cell phones will stop playing as it sees as disconnect/connect of the headphones connected (In this incident, the A1 connected to the headphone out).Try shut the A1 off, and see what happens, when in a middle of playing a song.If this is how the Fiio A1 does react to a sudden overload, you just have to turn down the volume.Or this may also be a faulty Fiio...
14 Watt!!Do you know how much effect that is, and how much power it would need from the battery!?Fiio says 78mW at 16Ohms load.Which is quite a lot less.
Read my post below yours, you are a bit wrong with the figures here.The P to S adapter cable is 75 Ohms, and the P cable i just measured.So a total will be 95 Ohms.
Measured from an original ER4P-cable, from the plug end (Tip Ring Sleeve) to the earpiece connectors (one thin and one thicker pin) on each side:Tip to Left side thin pin on earpiece connector: 20.7 OhmsRing to Right side thin pin on earpiece connector: 19.8 OhmSleeve to thick pin on each earpiece connectors (Common to both sides ): measured 1.6 Ohm.So if you get this cable, also get a 3.5mm Stereo (TRS) plug and some resistors as close as you can to 20 Ohms, cut the...
The older, round and oval, original Shure hard cases are slightly smaller. The should just about take your IEMs and cable, and give some protection too. You find them used on eBay, not cheap, but better than these I can not imagine you can get.
Shure SE215 have been advertised on many Chinese sites for sale at around USD 25. As well as discussed here by people who see no problems buying cheap even if it is fake. Depending of how you like the sound, and what you paid, keep it if they sound good to you and you paid a low price! If not, return them. I would never buy a set from eBay or any second hand set of a Shure SE215!
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