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Does anyone know if they work with JH 16?  If so, do they fit correctly or will the pins will stick out slightly?
Sorry for sidetrack but does anyone know if the Hybrid Silver Gold cable work for JH 16s?  If so, does it fit in well or do the pins stick out slightly?
Purchased from another person on this forum but I never got a chance to use it.  Its just sitting on my desk growing dust so I decided to just sell it.  Price includes all shipping within the US and paypal fees.   Currently I won't ship this overseas due to lack of tracking information.  Unless you want to spend $19 for usps priority mail I won't be able to send it.
Double helix balanced cable for sale.  It has been used for only 2 weeks and in mint condition.  I no longer have a balanced amp so that is the reason why I'm selling the cable. Prices includes all paypal and shipping fees within USA.   International shipping will be 20$ extra mailed with USPS priority mail with tracking.  I will not use any other method for shipping internationally.   Link to item on the DHC site.  Same cable but with a balanced...
Sorry if this has been answered before but what are the main differences between silver and gold cables?  I would like to stay away from silver because I've had some bad run ins with them oxidizing.  
Does anyone know if the gold or silver cable will oxidize over time?  
This item is basically brand new.  It's been sitting on my desk and was used only for about 6 hours in total.  The reason why I'm selling it is because it doesn't work well with the set of IEM I currently have.
Does anyone have any experience with doing a retermination? I have a pair of symbiotes with a balanced termination but would like a straight mini.  I've read on the site that double helix won't recable >$600 headphones.  If anyone has any advice on this topic any information would be greatly appreciated!
I have a sony Z1060 US version for sale.  The price covers all shipping and paypal fees within the US.  There are no scratches on the screen but has some light wear on the edges in the back as shown in the picture.  I don't have the headphones that came with the unit because I threw them away the day I purchased the Z.
I have a pair of almost brand new hifiman He-500 for sale.  I got these about 6 months ago and basically never used them.  They have been used for less than 4 hours.  They have just been sitting on my desk collecting dust.  I have decided to finally sell them and purchase something I'd actually use.  I would like to sell them within the US but if international customers are interested, I will only send it via express mail.  Price includes all fees and shipping...
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