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I'm selling everything shown in the picture and would not like to sell separately.   All the cables have some damage but all work to some extent.  I'm not a person who tinkers with my audio gear so I just buy it new if I need to.  This lot would be great for someone in the community that loves to do repairs or likes to tinker with stuff!   I work out everyday and I guess my rigorous activities caused most of my IEM cables to mess up or crack during my use. I'm selling...
I have a used astell kern 120 64GB Black with everything. The leather case has never been used and the screen protectors have never been used either.   There are some scratches on the front metal because I don't like using cases.  I tried to take a lot of pictures to best show the condition.  The scratches don't really appear unless its directly shined on to light and tilted.
I'm located in USA.  There is a pretty simple reason why they might have explained this to you.  Fedex shipping is almost if not more than double the cost of EMS shipping for them to ship.  They do not get to keep this money because Fedex shipping is more expensive. So no matter which shipping option you choose they don't get to make extra money off the shipping service which is why they probably told you it wasn't necessary. The 3 day shipping fee is a add on which they...
The fast shipment was $50 so they definitely give priority to those people. I believe every business would operate this way for any hot item that is being sold.  At the end of the day they want to make as much money as possible off the hype.
Never mind my order was placed on the 18th and its already been shipped.  I believe you might have missed it because it would be odd that they offered me the 3 day service on the 18th and didn't have it on the 15th.
I ordered mine 2/17/16 and it was shipped out on 2/19/16.  I paid extra for the 3 day service which is probably why it was dispatched already.
Thanks! That was exactly what I wanted to know.
Does anyone know if the faster microSD cards work for the DP-X1? The cards that are USH-II U3 class with read speeds higher than 99 mb/s.
Does anyone know if they work with JH 16?  If so, do they fit correctly or will the pins will stick out slightly?
Sorry for sidetrack but does anyone know if the Hybrid Silver Gold cable work for JH 16s?  If so, does it fit in well or do the pins stick out slightly?
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