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I currently drive my AD700s through the audio jack on my 13" MBP w/ Retina. The DAC sounds decent enough for me, insofar as I would not be willing to spend the money necessary to make a noticeable difference on that end. However, I would like to purchase an amp which will just be on my desk -- of course, if there is a suitable DAC/amp for a reasonable price, I would be open to going down that route.   Budget: I'm a uni student, so I want to spend as little as possible. I...
If I recall correctly, the UM3X is warmer sounding and has a more lush mid-range, which is likely why the 4R wasn't suggested. However, really these are only recommendations... when spending this much on a pair of earphones, you should really go to a store and try them out. I'm sure that there must be some sort of audiophile driven store near you.
The hifiman re272 is an excellent earphone, however it has some minor build quality issues. The re600 may be a better option if the company has fixed these issues.
I used to own the Hifiman RE0, and currently own the RE272. I am a huge fan of their sound signature, and can't wait to give their new flagship a listen. Unfortunately, the build quality of both the RE0, and RE272 did not meet my expectations. The reason why I said that I used to own the RE0 is that the shell split, and the cable tore right near the housing. After a year of use, my RE272 has had no such issue, however the paint-job on the housings as well as the...
It seems to just be software. However, I do know that Qualcomm processor driven phones, the Oppo Find 5 included, generally have superior audio quality to other phones.
I lost my iPhone 3GS and am in the market for a new phone. It is really important that the phone has good quality audio and can play FLAC or ALAC. Also, an HD screen would be great for when I'm watching Youtube videos, or browsing the web. As evidenced by the fact that I had a 3GS, it has been a while since I've looked for a new phone, and I'm in dire need of some suggestions. Cheers. 
It's quite hard to compare a custom to a universal... SM3 is probably one of the best universals, and the only real thing that it compete with customs in is sound stage. In terms of overall sound quality, fit, and build quality, customs are generally superior because they use custom made drivers as opposed to the mass produced ones of universals.
The cups are the same. The circuitry is what's been modified, making it a balanced headphones. Also, the mod gives the headphone detachable cables!
You know what... I took some pictures... It is a Balanced Beyerdynamic! Here is the link on the Jaben Forums: And here is the link to a Facebook contest:
All I'm saying is that if you were thinking of going to the Hong Kong AV show, go. You might get to see some pretty interesting stuff...
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