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So I tried changing the filters on my ER4... and only the green screen came off. The metal ring is stuck in and is preventing me from inserting another filter, and I can't find a way take it out. Dirt will inevitably get in without a filter ; should I just go ahead and buy another pair? Any ideas/solutions?
According to the official Little Dot forum (www.little-tube.com), the tubes they used don't glow. That was my biggest disappointment when I received my LD2 . The front tubes also stay cold on my amp ; my guess is that it's how it's supposed to be.
I was also disappointed on the day I received my ER4Ps because the triflanges were way too big... I also found the bi-flanges on the ER6 much easier to wear I have to cut the little tip off the tri-flanges to be able to insert them ; try it. They soften up after some time ; took me about 2 weeks of using them every day until they were comfortable. If they're still too big, email etymotic support and they'll send you free samples of smaller bi-flanges tips. (I...
Quote: Originally Posted by g1981c well no, you will have to do better than that because for $975 i can get Benchmark DAC1 which is a source AND a headphone amp ... and im reasonably certain that you will never get even close to its quality with a Headroom Max Balanced. you have to realize one simple thing -- it costs about 50 bucks to build a state of the art headphone amp so beyond that price point there is little correlation between cost and sound...
The mobile line is on sale at headroom, so you could get an Airhead for 99$. http://www.headphone.com/products/he...e-mobile-line/
According to the 30 days guaranty, I should call them and they'll send another one ASAP with a return shipping label so i can send them the defective one. Weirdly enough the box was in perfect condition. I found out I can actually hear something from the left driver by holding the earpiece at a certain angle... I guess it's just a solder joint that somehow desoldered itself.
Sigh... I ordered from headroom on sunday night, they arrived today... And they're broken! The headband is bent in a weird way, and the left driver does not make any sound at all! Damn... Why do these things always happen to me?
Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx To be fair the ER4P does benefit from an amp and the iPods power the ER4S fine without an amp (just better with). Classical music is often recorded at "low volume" (someone posted an article about this ; they do so to preserve the dynamic range of the recording). When using the ER4S straight out of an ipod, this can be problematic with certain recordings, as turning the volume all the way up is sometimes not...
Quote: Originally Posted by diredesire the percentage means how much the resistors will "drift" values when they are in use and/or heated (with current running through them) The lower the value, the more true to it's value it will stay. I am aware of that, this is actually what I dont understand. At 0.1%, it will basically always stay at 75 ohm, but this is not the exact needed value! What's the point?
I searched the forum and all I could find was a link to this page : http://www.fixup.net/tips/ety/ety.htm The page suggests using two 0.1% 75 ohm resistors. The ER4P have an impedance of 27 ohm and the ER4S 100 ohm. Why bother using 0.1% resistors if they aren't the exact needed value (i.e. 73)? Or am I missing something?
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