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thanks for ur response. i read in this thread someone zipped tied the middle button BUT it created problems with the button later on. 
 i want to confirm, so with that adapter cable, it will make the MH1's compatible with regular 3.5mm mp3 players? (eg. sansa clip etc)
  the rx700 are okay sounding headphone BUT they are HUGE, gigantic....even though they aren't too heavy.  They get quite warm after 45 minutes or so.
i have the sennheiser yellow pads for sr80, and No they do not fit the incipios f38 as the inner circumference is a lot smaller.  
  What this person said. Having not done a direct comparison with my JVC FX40 which I like quite a BIT, i can say that i also like the sound coming from the SHE3590 which Ive used for about 4 days (a couple hours per day, burn in about 30 hours).  They have good clean sound, worth the 10 or so dollars. i found them at marshalls for 6.99 plus tax....i remember the shape of the buds so bought it, got home and checked the shape was similar to the she3580, which according to...
  The fx40 are just like any standard headphones/iems with a 3.5 stereo jack. It does NOT have mic input, nor does it have buttons on the cord to control volume, skip song, etc.
man, post some photos of it with the packaging. ive seen these sort of buds/iems in those asian $2 stores.
Ordered the fx40s right before Amazon's California tax date.   So, what's the minimum amount of hours that I should expect for burn in to tone down and smooth out their high treble?
where at and when? thats a big discount....are you talking about the incipio or brainwavz version?    (mentioned not direct fit, may need modifcation)   (bottom pic)
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