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The mids may not stack up to T50RPs but hey, the bass and highs are sweet and sharp. Just got mine, LOVING THEM.
I liked Nero, just wasn't wubby enough.   I like skrillex I guess, but I want the wubbiest, bassiest dubstep album you have.
        iPhone or Macbook :) No amp right now :/       I disagree. I found the bass to be just enough with sharp highs too. 
Does anyone know if the JMoney pads are worth it?
Just got them and wow...   Just wow.   Compared to the Beats Studio I've been using, all I can say is that I'm hearing brand new things. The highs are so sharp it almost hurts. Not to mention the bass of these headphones are just crazy. Not to mention my great-aunt (passed grandmothers sister) and son (fathers cousin) are in town. Shes 90ish and she said "Oh let me listen!" I gave them to her and played Maxwell's Silver Hammer by The Beatles. She was incredibly...
I was thinking about wearing headphones to bed, listening to soft songs/rain sound effects. I was thinking AD700s for their open-back design. Maybe something below $100.   Thanks
Whats yours?   I usually hit some feel-good songs. D2000s in 3 days... Kids by MGMT.
If you can find them for a good price, Denon D2000s. They may have a little too much bass for you, but who knows.
A friend of mine has SRH440s and wants to improve the bass. Would be getting 840 pad's be best?   edit: he uses them un amped
Soooo... can I have your LCD2s?
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