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Hey. Aspiring fanboy here.    Meh: AKG K240 Studio -used for web-trainings at work AKG K67 Tiesto -sound involving enough but I can't wear them with glass for too long   Portable: AKG K550 (felt disks tacked to the baffle over the driver) -hard to seal. can be a bit thin at times however it's the best detail that I can get out of my iPhone.   Casual: AKG K240 Monitor -darker and smoothed over with less detail but pleasant to listen to with a little more bass...
If you want something like the Koss Porta Pro but taking it to the next level I think you can't go wrong with the Sennheiser PX 100-II. They're currently $47 at B&H. 
 I'm expecting my Headroom Micro Amp to have enough juice for this. The Yamaha R-S201 in our living room is a wildcard. I don't know if the headphone output is driven the old fashioned way, off of the amplifier, or if it's a separate opamp. 
I've got Q701's and K550s already that I bought after a channel on my K701 failed. I am only now just getting around to repairing them.    This morning I snagged a K401 on eBay and I've been bidding on a pair of K240 Monitors. All of my headphones are post-Harman. What can I expect the pre-Harman cans to do differently? 
I am sending mine out to get repaired by Headroom this week. About three years ago now, the wiring in the rightside cup came undone which I believe is a common issue. I can't wait until I can compare them to my Q701 and K550 that I purchased after the K701 went bad, as well as the K401 that I should be receiving in the mail on Wednesday. 
I've debated doing this. I have a 2007 Macbook that I only retired because of it's **** battery life. If plugged in all of the time it would be fine and probably perfectly suited to feeding a DAC as a source. 
Anybody else feel me about the Shure SE215? Great isolation. Great fit via a good selection of stock tips. No amp required to drive them. They're just transparent enough that I can hear the difference between the output stages on my 5S and Nexus 4 with them. They're also closer to flat but with some decent bass presence and impact. $99USD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Root with Cyanogenmod Installer is easy and wipes away any trace of the Beats software. It's what I did to my HTC One :) The only rom you have to flash manually is gapps. 
Poweramp or Neutron Player are two good apps but they're both also pay apps. 
I didn't have any beef with the ergonomics of the Nexus 4. I find the 5 to be very similar. So if you didn't like the 4 then you probably won't like the 5. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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