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Hi Mordy, you had uploaded a picture of a 1945 raytheon 6AK5 some time ago. Would it be possible to upload this picture again since the link appears to be broken now? Thanks for your help.
 Thanks for the prompt reply. I hope you will be in the best of health soon. Do you think there is a sound signature of the amp? 
Hi armaegis,   any chance for a full review sometime?
how about-   i-mufler i-gain control i-tranquil
does anyone know what is the max current drawn from the USB bus by the geekout?   edit- just saw some questions about this in the other thread and it appears there is no official information.
 How much can you adjust the volume before blowing your ears?
 Analog equipment has a much longer life than others.....there is no need for frequent updates without meaningful improvements. Frank just put up a review of the GS-X mk2 on part-time audiophile as he compared the corda classic to it. $ 700 vs new model $ 3000 and in his words - "The Meier was the surprise sleeper in the mix of this review. The Meier is designed by Jan Meier in Germany and built in China. The single ended amplifier is very impressive for a single ended...
 I look forward to your impressions.....I looks really interesting
Thanks for the absolutely great information. It seems that you have spent some time, effort and money in discovering these gems. I am not really thinking about modifying preamps as my knowledge of electronics is poor at best. Hopefully sometime in the future. Any others that you have run across that have a good headphone out( preferably cheaper than a thaedra!) ?
for any of you still reading this old thread....Goldpoint has a new 2014 Rev 14 with Perfected auto centering virtual ground section (I have no idea what that means). Is anyone using this new version or planning to get one? 
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