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1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3=3.5mm 4=XLR
      I had posted about this issue earlier and was not able to respond as I was travelling. I am happy to report that PhoenixG was absolutely right about more than enough power. The Onkyo A7 is now purring smoothly and I am very impressed with its quality. The bass detail on this fine specimen is mind blowing!It turns out that the issue was my lack of information and attention to detail.I noticed finally that the monitor switch was on Tape since the time I received the...
 I am using the the aux input at present and the pre power jumpers are in position, I will check if they are loose later today. Thanks for the input PhoenixG...I was very surprised with this as well as my HD 598s are not much of a load at all. I will check about the input levels as well. I really hope to get this working soon.
I have always wanted to get into vintage amps and I am happy to say that I have taken the jump recently. I recently obtained a very well maintained single owner Onkyo A7 from 1977. I intend to use it only as a headphone amplifier at present and I was very impressed with its stepped attenuator volume control and the handy muting switch. I believe it outputs 60 watts at 8 ohm   I did notice in my first few days of use that the headphone output is causing a weird frequency...
Hi Mordy, you had uploaded a picture of a 1945 raytheon 6AK5 some time ago. Would it be possible to upload this picture again since the link appears to be broken now? Thanks for your help.
 Thanks for the prompt reply. I hope you will be in the best of health soon. Do you think there is a sound signature of the amp? 
Hi armaegis,   any chance for a full review sometime?
how about-   i-mufler i-gain control i-tranquil
does anyone know what is the max current drawn from the USB bus by the geekout?   edit- just saw some questions about this in the other thread and it appears there is no official information.
 How much can you adjust the volume before blowing your ears?
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