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That is correct :D you can see the 1 wire which should be RG and the 3 wire which is L R LG But this means you would need a TRRS plug which has 4 contact channels No worries, we are all here to learn and discover new thingsI have tried to make cables myself but have stopped because I am horrible with the soldering iron lol
 I think instead of using a shared ground for the L and R channel at HO (as how SE works) that adaptor splits the L ground and R ground into HO and LO
This seems like an interesting idea pseudo-balanced cable?   Maybe someone with a better understanding of electronics/Japanese can give a better insight on this Also here with AK120  
It does work, D2+ and also the D6 will work with the camera connection kit, however sometimes (mostly with the D6), the iPad needs to be restarted for the DACs to work, a tip i found is that turn the amps on first before plugging it into the camera connection kit.   sorry for the late reply, havent been following posts for a while haha
It is just me?? just got my camera connection kit today and hooked it up with my ipad2 and D2+....seems to sound better than through my mac book pro..with Amarra
Might want to watch out for the new IE80s too  In case you might have missed it:
You should try the iPod touch 3G, i think it pairs up quite well with the TF10 - brings up the mids and upper bass, although not as detailed as the iphone 4 and perhaps the Touch 4G?
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