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Sent you a PM
ttt ... Anybody else?
lextex, I'm having trouble with my email server. I can get your emails but my replys are slow to get out. About your price, I can get a refurb from Apple for the same price.
Anybody wanting to upgrade to the 10 gig version that wants to sell your old one. Let me know via PM Thanks, Matt
Anybody interested in buying my Naim CD3.5 w/ Flatcap power supply? Mint condition - $1400 OBO I'm trying to put the money in a home theater system. Thanks, Matt
Quote: "No conversion necessary, at least for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files. You save your files on the Mac, and the Windows version can open them, and vice-versa. " Thanks Russ. I was hoping that was the case. Now if only Apple would bundle it with their iBooks ... yeah right.
I'm in the market for a new laptop and I keep hearing very good things about the iBook and I've actually used a friends Powerbook and was pretty impressed. My questions have to do more with software. I use Microsoft Ofiice almost religiously and I know there is version for Mac, but how is it compared to the PC version? Is there a way to convert existing PC files over to the Mac format? What about the Apple Works software? I've heard that this has a converter for...
Grado's have been SOLD!
Grado SR-60: Comes with original box and adapter. Flat foam ear pads. Rarely used - $40 including shipping to cont. US Sony D-151: Comes with AC adapter. Make me an offer Let me know if you have any questions or want me to email some pictures. Thanks for looking, Matt
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