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This is the RCA version of this great sounding converter.  In good condition.  Bought in January. Will sell for £75 GBP or $117.
This is my experience too - no difference between the LM4562 and LM49720, the HA part is a clear upgrade.
There is no evidence that M2Tech changed clocks due to sound quality issues as you are suggesting.  Neither is there any evidence that "better clocks have better noise rejection capabilities"  - only guesswork by one or two non-technical listeners.   
Does anyone find 16 bit data to be 256 times louder than 24 bit?  Or vice versa for that matter?  I'd be happy to read Gordon's explanation in full if I can find it in case there's something I'm missing, but i really think he's had a brain-fart on this one.   No disrespect intended - he's a very inventive designer.  
Upsampling with the Sabre can only be turned off by re-writing it's firmware.  But the Hiface has no "problem" with upsampling.   I have no problem with listing my system, other than 1) my system is entirely DIY and heavily modded, so it's hard to make a judgement on how transparent it is by comparing it to commercial stuff.  But it is very, very transparent. 2) I don't see how it's relevant to the current discussion and 3) I started building my own clock circuits when...
I am interested .... Couldn't find your link but did find this from CA ....   "Simple... The Legato registers as a 16 bit device. Any 24 bit device will be louder as the 16 bit data is shifted left 8 bits when playing 16 bit material through a 24 bit interface. Thanks Gordon" Is this the reasoning what you are referring to?  If so, it's mistaken - I don't think Gordon thought this through before posting.  According to this logic, 16 bit audio will be 2 to the power 8 =...
Sure.  The software is DSSF3 from  Downloadable for free in case anyone wants to replicate my results.  No microphone is used - it's a straight loop-back, DAC out -> PC in.   My DAC is based on the Twisted Pear Buffalo, but heavily modified.  The rest of my system is DIY too, except the heaphones of course which are made by Koss, although I use speakers most of the time.  
I think I'll take that as a compliment.  Thanks!    
Honestly, if you knew what happened at the input of a DAC, you would not be saying this.  2V S/PDIF will not upset a DAC.  Plenty of DACs actually boost the S/PDIF level up to the logic level maximum (3.3V or 5V) because the interface receiver likes a higher level.
I don't know what Gordon Rankin has said, but it was you who made the claim here and that is what I am contesting.   If you find the Hiface bright in your system, that's one thing.  But you were making technical claims based on your impressions that weren't true.  There has been a lot of that around here with regard to the Hiface.   My tests were with the Stock Hiface, with both clocks the smaller ones.  But whichever clocks or other modifications are present will not...
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