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Let me first start by saying that I do not know much, if anything about speakers or home theater systems. And I definitely didn't know where to post this thread.   My mom is tired of having traditional surround sound speakers. She dislikes the idea of having 4 speakers which generally sound terrible. She just wants a simple system with 2 speakers and a sub woofer that she can use to play her Blu-rays and listen to the radio(a big must). At first I thought about just...
You will never "feel" the bass from a headphone. You have obviously never heard the HFI-580 with E17 bass boost on volume 30 on the song Contiez-Trumpsta Djuro Remix
They dont sound that bad like everyone is making them sound. They are however not ideal.
I was scammed by maudio I would never buy their products
Very happy with my viper 55mW
How do the COPs sound compared to the pro700mk2 and the hfi 580s?
I haven't really seen any comparisons made between these. I was in the shopping for a new bassheavy headphone and ran across these. Since they are about the same price I wondered the differences in the bass. And also how they compare in sound in general? I'll be using the E17 to drive them.
I bought a Future Sonics Atrio MG7 and I am thinking about reviewing it sometime soon. I dont have any prior reviewing experience so I would like tips on what to mention. I would ask for tips that could better direct me to noticing small differences as I do not have trained ears. Dos and donts would be nice. And how can I be as descriptive as possible?  
I feel mind raped because I cant decide. I wanted to get mind raped with bass not decisions. Lool. I bought the Future Sonics Atrio MG7 because I wanted an IEM but Im unsatified
All under 250Ohm
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