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Without an amp and plugged into an ipod, I say that the M50 still sounds better than the HD25. Something that hasn't been mentioned here is that the HD25 has recessed mids and soundstage is awfully small.
Why not convert them to ALAC? It's the same thing as FLAC but more convenient if you're an iDevice user.
Funny thread! But anyway, the HD600 is probably lower hi-end. Saying it's mid-fi sounds like it is similar to the M50, SRH840 which the HD6x0/DT880 clearly isn't.   @OP Go for the HD800 if you don't mind the $$$. It's a good upgrade in terms of soundstage, clarity and resolution but don't expect unicorns to sing. 
  Here we go again.    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how "diverse" his experience is. Recessed midrange isn't a bad thing at all. The TripleFi 10's mids sounds a bit recessed but I still like them. Imho, the HTF600's mids are recessed and muddy. Getting rid most of the bass will make this headphone so much better. Really, these cans deserve more detailed reviews. I will write a review on this in my free time but will have no comparison of other...
  My HTF600 has well gone through hundreds of hours. I wanted to believe in burn in, I really do, but sound doesn't change much. Honestly, I myself agreed with Joker only on his high end universal IEM reviews. By the way, his rating system doesn't include high end or even mid level headphones. If the HD800 is in the rating system, it is likely over 10 because the difference with the HD25 is too massive. I agree with most of his points on the HTF600 aside from the "well...
  It's the reason why I marked it as personal since I highly doubt that others may not experience a pressure on their heads. The problem to that pressure, imo, is in the ergonomics and I did not say anything about it being heavy overall. Then again, it's strictly "personal".   On portability, hmm... I assume you want a private listening experience, that is, to isolate your music from the external noise or to keep your music to yourself (not annoying those around you). And...
Something potential buyers need to know about the HTF600.   - Semi-Open. Not portable. Feel free to use it outside but it leaks sound. - (personal) The headband is kind of heavy on my head like the Shure SRH940. Ears becomes hot after some time. - (personal) Build quality isn't very good. Right channel goes out of balance and I needed to push the cups than slowly release.   Sound - Bass heavy. Some/most of the time, bass half drowns out the mids. - Rolled...
 Professional = more flat, uncoloured. Consumer/audiophile = enhanced, coloured. Some are marketed as for professional/studio use but actually are consumer products like Beats, etc.
  Sound signature tends to lean towards neutral and it's not as bright as the DT880 - somewhere between HD600 and DT880 in terms of brightness. It's much more involving than the DT880.
@OM Yeap. I played some Battlefield games for fun quite a while ago. Got to the top 3 ranks consistently in a game - fast responsive keyboard + high DPI mouse a.k.a G500. 
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