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Thanks for the review! I enjoyed reading your review as it reveals the graphs and comparisons (with prices) to other headphones either in the lower/higher range more or less objectively. Furthermore, the recommendations are "uncensored" and straight to the point. Excellent review!   I agree with your impressions on the LCD-2 as well as the HD650. Well, It seems I belong in the group of people that should stay away from the HD700. A shame really, I initially thought...
Well, it depends on your portable source. Amps improve SQ a bit only if the headphones are under-powered. The difference in sound quality (amped vs unamped) for headphones around 80 ohms is generally unnoticeable at least according to my ears. Even if they improve, improvement is subtle.
You might want to get a DAC if you're looking for improvement in sound quality and I am quite sure the STX can power the DT250 80 Ohm sufficiently so getting the E6 would be almost pointless.
  I agree with you. Headphones with more metal in it looks more premium. Still, I am dying to have a listen to the HD700 despite all the negative feedback.   No, I'm not referring the thread derailment to the comments on the HD700. I should have quoted the statements referring the HD700 and LCD-2 looking like cheap pieces of plastic/wooden crap and unfortunately some people might have been caught by the flame bait.
  Hello.    You might want to try the HD600 to gain those edges, but DT880's soundstage is noticeably bigger so it's a trade off.
  I agree. The Ed 8 isn't as good as the HD800, T1 or even its younger siblings. It's probably why they are not mentioned a lot here at Head-Fi.
Portability: IEM > Headphones. Smaller, easier to carry. Build Quality: Generally, headphones, especially monitoring headphones, have a much tougher build. IEMs are fragile. Comfort: Headphones can often be used for an extended period of time. Having something in the ear canal isn't comforting for some/most. Life: Headphones last longer than IEMs in my experience. IEMs tend to break within 3 - 4 years (detachable cables extend its life though). Modding:...
Here's an article/review of the HD600 in 2002, the time when it's Sennheiser's very own flagship. Oh how times have gone by.    http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun02/articles/sennheiserhd600.asp
  The IE8 have smooth gently rolled off treble like the HD650. OP wants "an IEM that has the clarity and balance of the westone 4 but the bass and sound stage of the Sennheisers and from what iv read the IE8/80 and ex1000 are my best options." W4 is the one that should be eliminated given his requirements - bass and soundstage is not a strong point of the W4.   Haven't heard the EX1000 but looking at reviews, the EX1000 may sound better than the IE8/x. The EX1000 is a...
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