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So does the Amperior still retain HD25's recessed mids?
Anyway so here's a story. Not so long ago, I bought the Ultimate Ears 200 at a relatively cheap price of AUD$15 and honestly was almost blown away. Sound quality is intimate, sufficiently detailed, forgiving, mid-focused, a bit bassy and I find them really enjoyable to listen to. They're not too analytical and for $15, I can declare they're of great value. But wait, today something happened. Although I have noticed this quite a few days ago, the right channel began to...
You mean punishment instead of taxing?
  Nope, unfortunately.
http://www.head-fi.org/t/581451/australian-headphone-retailers-and-reputations-listing   Here you go! I recommend A2A.
  Oh let it burn in first so things would get better.  But seriously, that is wild! I have heard two pairs and one has seriously metallic highs. The other one though sounds close to flat but very involving. Hmm, I guess I had to be careful of Beyer now. Not buying Beyers anymore unless I can listen to them first, but I don't think the DTxx0s have QC issues. I have heard a few pairs and they all sound the same.
  Perhaps the Amperior may be more of a worthy competitor to the DT1350 assuming that it fixes up HD25's weaknesses - recessed mids, tiny soundstage. By the way, isn't listening to closed headphones/IEMs a bit dangerous while riding your bike on the road?
If I get my hands on an Amperior, I will definitely write a comparison.  Problem is.. Amperior haven't even enter Australia yet.. 
GO GERMANY!!!         Okay, now you have a reason to cheer for Deutschland.
  You'll probably want the HD600. I've heard both and classical, my main genre, sounds much much better on the HD600 which sound signature is neutral as opposed to HD650's laid back, dark (or slightly muddy) sig. My impression of the HD650 is similar to yours.   Don't blame the source, amp, dac. The Bursons are no slouch and the MBP have a really decent DAC. I suspect you don't like the HD650's character and even if there's break in, it won't stray far from the "tree". 
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