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  It's a massive grey area. Sharing them to the public would be illegal though.
  The pair I tried is the original black HD25 version - mids are recessed compared to the HD800 and other balanced headphones. Tyll seem to rave over them as if they are a substantial upgrade over the HD25 and I wonder if he's just excited over a new toy.
So does the Amperior still retain HD25's recessed mids?
Anyway so here's a story. Not so long ago, I bought the Ultimate Ears 200 at a relatively cheap price of AUD$15 and honestly was almost blown away. Sound quality is intimate, sufficiently detailed, forgiving, mid-focused, a bit bassy and I find them really enjoyable to listen to. They're not too analytical and for $15, I can declare they're of great value. But wait, today something happened. Although I have noticed this quite a few days ago, the right channel began to...
You mean punishment instead of taxing?
  Nope, unfortunately.   Here you go! I recommend A2A.
  Oh let it burn in first so things would get better.  But seriously, that is wild! I have heard two pairs and one has seriously metallic highs. The other one though sounds close to flat but very involving. Hmm, I guess I had to be careful of Beyer now. Not buying Beyers anymore unless I can listen to them first, but I don't think the DTxx0s have QC issues. I have heard a few pairs and they all sound the same.
  Perhaps the Amperior may be more of a worthy competitor to the DT1350 assuming that it fixes up HD25's weaknesses - recessed mids, tiny soundstage. By the way, isn't listening to closed headphones/IEMs a bit dangerous while riding your bike on the road?
If I get my hands on an Amperior, I will definitely write a comparison.  Problem is.. Amperior haven't even enter Australia yet.. 
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