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Try the TF10, which costs $100-$150 but it's currently undervalued. Trust me, it competes well with the top tier IEMs and until this day, I still regard it as the best universal IEM beating the W4 by a hair. The main issue people have with it is its ergonomics and when compared with others the TF10 isn't too comfortable for hours of listening. Other than that, you'll love it.
Mate, you'll find this useful.   http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.htm?docid=TXR/TR9325/NAT/ATO/00001
      HTF600 is semi-open and it leaks a lot!! 
Oh I have. Keep in  mind though I'm not sure which M50 version I tested back then.
I would advise you to try it for yourself first before buying it. Personally, the M50 don't sound V-shaped to me. Treble may be just a little rolled off, mids are all right nothing to worry about and bass is emphasised. If you have the HD25, that's V shaped and the M50 doesn't even sound similar to the HD25.
Have you tried M50?
Late to the party but..   Dark Knight Rises 7.5/10 Good movie packed with action (and gizmos) but my frustration is that it's hard to hear Bane's words clearly thanks to his mask!! And also, most of the plot is predictable and Joker's a much much better antagonist. 
I'm curious to why would someone make a "fake" fiio product. It simply does not make sense.
  Keeping the digital audio formats while selling the CD. Post 39.
  It's a massive grey area. Sharing them to the public would be illegal though.
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