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Have you tried M50?
Late to the party but..   Dark Knight Rises 7.5/10 Good movie packed with action (and gizmos) but my frustration is that it's hard to hear Bane's words clearly thanks to his mask!! And also, most of the plot is predictable and Joker's a much much better antagonist. 
I'm curious to why would someone make a "fake" fiio product. It simply does not make sense.
  Keeping the digital audio formats while selling the CD. Post 39.
  It's a massive grey area. Sharing them to the public would be illegal though.
  The pair I tried is the original black HD25 version - mids are recessed compared to the HD800 and other balanced headphones. Tyll seem to rave over them as if they are a substantial upgrade over the HD25 and I wonder if he's just excited over a new toy.
So does the Amperior still retain HD25's recessed mids?
Anyway so here's a story. Not so long ago, I bought the Ultimate Ears 200 at a relatively cheap price of AUD$15 and honestly was almost blown away. Sound quality is intimate, sufficiently detailed, forgiving, mid-focused, a bit bassy and I find them really enjoyable to listen to. They're not too analytical and for $15, I can declare they're of great value. But wait, today something happened. Although I have noticed this quite a few days ago, the right channel began to...
You mean punishment instead of taxing?
  Nope, unfortunately.
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