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Thanks! It's an outstanding performer at ~$25 excl. converter. It looks horrendous though especially the clip which I'm not a fan of.
I tried a Lamy Safari medium nib once and frankly was quite impressed with the smoothness. But however it feels more like a broad nib, can anyone vouch for this or is it just a lemon?
  Papermate Kilometric <- my everyday non-fountain pen    I've got some favourite non-fountain pens from Parker and Sheaffer. Pilots are good too! The differences in performance between a high end Mont Blanc rollerball and a Parker Jotter with gel refill is almost nil so I guess ballpoint/rollerball classes are divided by their fancy looks and materials. Fountain pens is a different story.
Selling DT1350 in great condition!! It comes with the original accessories - smoke/pet free home. Lightly used, 6 months old! It's by far one of the most noise isolating on ear headphone and compared to the HD25, it's got a bigger soundstage, more revealing details and flatter sound signature than the HD25 when I auditioned both cans side by side at the time.   $SOLD
  Awesome review! The UE900 sounds like the perfect IEM and possibly the next FOTM!    Bumping up your post!! 
  A little miscalculation there.    We'll just hope UE doesn't implement any kind of price fixing.
Ultimate Ears launched the UE900, a quad BA IEM!! I personally loved the whole UE line up especially the TF10 which until now I think is still the king of universal IEMs. Can't wait to try this gorgeous IEM!     TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS EARPHONE TYPE:In-ear  INTERNAL SPEAKER CONFIGURATION:4 proprietary precision balanced armatures  IMPEDANCE:30 ohms, 1 kHz  SENSITIVITY:105 dB SPL/mW, 1 kHz  FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20 Hz - 20 kHz  CONNECTION:3.5 mm (1/8 inch) gold...
- Highest kbps? 320kbps for mp3 and around 1500-3000++ kbps for lossless formats. - Best? Lossless or uncompressed formats are the "best" FLAC/ALAC/etc. - Too much boost, yep. The bass could be dominating the other frequencies. - Super Audio CD followed by CDs - No idea.   If you want an SQ boost, you might want to invest in a DAC but whether it's worth the performance:price it depends on you. I am not real sure if an E11 have enough juice for the DT880 but...
Try the TF10, which costs $100-$150 but it's currently undervalued. Trust me, it competes well with the top tier IEMs and until this day, I still regard it as the best universal IEM beating the W4 by a hair. The main issue people have with it is its ergonomics and when compared with others the TF10 isn't too comfortable for hours of listening. Other than that, you'll love it.
Mate, you'll find this useful.   http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.htm?docid=TXR/TR9325/NAT/ATO/00001
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