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  Ah, are you still thinking of getting the UE900?
  Maybe you'll like full sized headphones better Lee! I know for a fact when I switch from a dynamic to a BA, the BA IEM will sound artificial and "plasticky". But after a while, I get used to BA IEMs and start calling dynamics muddy. Haha! I think the other way around actually. TF10 to me is comparable to the W4 back when I have them both at one time.
Simon is usually a consistently harsh-but-true critic but let's see where this leads to. Hopefully he'll stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Thanks! It's an outstanding performer at ~$25 excl. converter. It looks horrendous though especially the clip which I'm not a fan of.
I tried a Lamy Safari medium nib once and frankly was quite impressed with the smoothness. But however it feels more like a broad nib, can anyone vouch for this or is it just a lemon?
  Papermate Kilometric <- my everyday non-fountain pen    I've got some favourite non-fountain pens from Parker and Sheaffer. Pilots are good too! The differences in performance between a high end Mont Blanc rollerball and a Parker Jotter with gel refill is almost nil so I guess ballpoint/rollerball classes are divided by their fancy looks and materials. Fountain pens is a different story.
Selling DT1350 in great condition!! It comes with the original accessories - smoke/pet free home. Lightly used, 6 months old! It's by far one of the most noise isolating on ear headphone and compared to the HD25, it's got a bigger soundstage, more revealing details and flatter sound signature than the HD25 when I auditioned both cans side by side at the time.   $SOLD
  Awesome review! The UE900 sounds like the perfect IEM and possibly the next FOTM!    Bumping up your post!! 
  A little miscalculation there.    We'll just hope UE doesn't implement any kind of price fixing.
Ultimate Ears launched the UE900, a quad BA IEM!! I personally loved the whole UE line up especially the TF10 which until now I think is still the king of universal IEMs. Can't wait to try this gorgeous IEM!     TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS EARPHONE TYPE:In-ear  INTERNAL SPEAKER CONFIGURATION:4 proprietary precision balanced armatures  IMPEDANCE:30 ohms, 1 kHz  SENSITIVITY:105 dB SPL/mW, 1 kHz  FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20 Hz - 20 kHz  CONNECTION:3.5 mm (1/8 inch) gold...
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