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I'm quite sure I can fit my whole music collection in a 64GB iPod Touch. Just around 3K.
  Added your comparisons to the OP!
  Dynamic IEMs might suit your taste better, Dave! If you insist on the XBA series, the XBA4 has the most bass and thickest sound out of the 4.
Hello! Personally, I think the DT1350 is sufficient with the iPhone but it could be better with an amp. - iPod Touch 4G
  Ah, are you still thinking of getting the UE900?
  Maybe you'll like full sized headphones better Lee! I know for a fact when I switch from a dynamic to a BA, the BA IEM will sound artificial and "plasticky". But after a while, I get used to BA IEMs and start calling dynamics muddy. Haha! I think the other way around actually. TF10 to me is comparable to the W4 back when I have them both at one time.
Simon is usually a consistently harsh-but-true critic but let's see where this leads to. Hopefully he'll stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Thanks! It's an outstanding performer at ~$25 excl. converter. It looks horrendous though especially the clip which I'm not a fan of.
I tried a Lamy Safari medium nib once and frankly was quite impressed with the smoothness. But however it feels more like a broad nib, can anyone vouch for this or is it just a lemon?
  Papermate Kilometric <- my everyday non-fountain pen    I've got some favourite non-fountain pens from Parker and Sheaffer. Pilots are good too! The differences in performance between a high end Mont Blanc rollerball and a Parker Jotter with gel refill is almost nil so I guess ballpoint/rollerball classes are divided by their fancy looks and materials. Fountain pens is a different story.
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