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Look at the photos! The ADDIEM is sold as is.    Buds keep slipping and as a result, I lost the buds. The earphone works okay so this is suitable for people looking for parts (Dual BA drivers per ear/case/etc).    Minimum: $15 shipped anywhere in Australia. The remaining value after cutting out postage will be donated to charity.
Keep us updated. Do you have a P51?
Pending SOLD
Cables that come with it originally are included. It comes with a standard American plug so you'll need an adaptor. In terms of performance, it powers my HD600 very well with low gain. On high gain, it is capable of powering the DT880 600 Ohms.   Details & features: - Low/high gain - Bass boost - Input: 1/4 inch - Output: 3.5mm   HD600 - SOLD Peak SOLD   Item location: Melbourne Thanks for looking! 
+1 on the Triplefi 10! I preferred it by a hair compared to W4.
Tony Bennett & Norah Jones - Speak Low 
I'm quite sure I can fit my whole music collection in a 64GB iPod Touch. Just around 3K.
  Added your comparisons to the OP!
  Dynamic IEMs might suit your taste better, Dave! If you insist on the XBA series, the XBA4 has the most bass and thickest sound out of the 4.
Hello! Personally, I think the DT1350 is sufficient with the iPhone but it could be better with an amp. - iPod Touch 4G
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