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    Top to bottom: Einstein, Winterglow   I've got all special edition inks from Montblanc 2011-onwards but almost all of them sit in a box. But if anyone got some interest in some other inks Montblanc or not I could get you a writing sample when possible.
Not entirely useless. Things like comfort, durability, photos or even extreme comments such as "weird-sounding"/"no bass" give indications of what to expect from a headphone. Objective measurements can be fun to look at too - some may work, some don't.   A reviewer's bias (thanks to donated product samples) and consumer defensive attitudes are the things to watch out for.
I am not sure of a "Lubriglide" but I do have a Papermate kilometric which I consider very very good. Quinkflow dries very fast like any oil based water resistant ballpoint, it's not like a rollerball but is quite smooth.
To be honest, my ears have gotten numb over the differences which I now consider trivial. Anything-that-sounds-good head. I miss the HD600! I very much love how it presents music in a well-rounded way.
 The new ones are pretty good actually, they're called Quinkflow. Way different than the previous versions. Fisher Space Pen pressurised refills sometimes have an adapter on them to suit Parker ballpoints too if you want to write underwrite, on oil, in zero gravity etc.
I had the complete opposite experience but "good" sound comes from headphones or in ear monitors that's priced at $90+!
Oh my! Those White Forest green inks are awesome (Wanna trade? Haha! )! By the way, Einstein ink is charcoal grey and there are three or more new inks coming up in 2013.   Source: I am a seller myself(although not an authorised seller, Montblanc is cutting down selling licenses)
Mate, if your girlfriend doesn't fully appreciate good earphones/headphones, it's not a very good idea to give her one. What did she like? What is she involved in? Her hobbies? Give her gifts that she'll use and enjoy!   p.s. Your girlfriend is nodding at my statement. 
Rule #1 in my book = "If something's too good to be true, it probably is."   There's no way someone could sell it for $70. That's a ton of loss!
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