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  I have sold both headphones but if I were to buy one again, it would be the HD600 or HD800.   To my memory, here is a short dot point summary. DT880 is brighter than the HD600 although both were considered to have an all around signature. HD600's got better timbre but DT880 is more detailed. Soundstage on the DT880 is wider but the HD600 is deeper. HD600 is easier to power (vs DT880 600ohm).   Someone with both HD600 and HD598 once told me a while back that the...
Deceit, seeing that you're a classical pianist, I would strongly advise you to get the Sennheiser HD600. It provides just the right amount of bass (by no means the bass of the HD600 is weak, it presents with authority), mids and highs to reflect the various instruments. It may as well be the last headphone you'll ever need.  That said, the DT880 is a good choice too and it's on the brighter side of the fence. Timbre is better on the HD600 which is why I prefer the HD600...
Thanks for the reply! The Swans are too big but the Focal XS looks good with the iPod dock. How much better is the A5 over the A2?
Hello!   I need help choosing new speakers for my computer. The thing is.. I am not looking for huge bulky speakers that take up a lot of space and the speakers will most likely be close to the wall so heating might be an issue. What are some decent speakers with good all around performance and aesthetics? Preferably clean sounding with more or less neutral bass. It doesn't have to have high volume capability or flat sounding as I am needing just pleasant sounding...
    Top to bottom: Einstein, Winterglow   I've got all special edition inks from Montblanc 2011-onwards but almost all of them sit in a box. But if anyone got some interest in some other inks Montblanc or not I could get you a writing sample when possible.
Not entirely useless. Things like comfort, durability, photos or even extreme comments such as "weird-sounding"/"no bass" give indications of what to expect from a headphone. Objective measurements can be fun to look at too - some may work, some don't.   A reviewer's bias (thanks to donated product samples) and consumer defensive attitudes are the things to watch out for.
I am not sure of a "Lubriglide" but I do have a Papermate kilometric which I consider very very good. Quinkflow dries very fast like any oil based water resistant ballpoint, it's not like a rollerball but is quite smooth.
To be honest, my ears have gotten numb over the differences which I now consider trivial. Anything-that-sounds-good head. I miss the HD600! I very much love how it presents music in a well-rounded way.
 The new ones are pretty good actually, they're called Quinkflow. Way different than the previous versions. Fisher Space Pen pressurised refills sometimes have an adapter on them to suit Parker ballpoints too if you want to write underwrite, on oil, in zero gravity etc.
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