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I concur. I gave them both a try yesterday and they were much comfortable than the Momentum 2.0. Momentum feels like the cup is covering 3/4s of the ears.  Speaking of sound quality, I personally think the QC35 is leaps and bounds ahead of the QC25. It sounds very clear and I would definitely go for the QC35 over the Sennheisers any day (and with the excellent noise cancelling feature, it becomes a no brainer).
Mint condition, tried once as I was curious. Unwanted gift, will be returned in a week. Shipped anywhere in Australia or pick up in Melbourne CBD. 🙂
Selling this little gem, Monster's Miles Davis Trumpets in like new condition. Tested it once or twice and was put aside because I was too busy with work as well as using speakers 99.99% of the time at home. Sound is as beautiful as the design itself, with emphasis on the vocals and details. Comes with all the original accessories and it is covered by a lifetime warranty. $ shipped anywhere in Australia. Add $ for worldwide shipping!
Up for grabs, Grado SR80! It is in mint condition, used once or twice, haven't got much use. The 2.5mm adaptor is not included. $80 shipped anywhere in Australia.
Actually, I went back to using iems because my lifestyle has become a lot more mobile. Found myself using Bose noise cancelling headphones a lot because of its noise cancelling capabilities.
Hey folks,   Looks like I had been gone to being a lurker for a while now. I have recently moved to the CBD and open headphones don't deliver quite the best experience out here. It's funny the best offering for noise cancelling cans is still from Bose after these years.   How are you guys? Brooko, it's been some time.
Up for grabs is my beloved Crossfade M100 in great condition!  Headphone comes with: Box Exoskeleton hard case 1-button SpeakEasy mic cable (kevlar) SharePlay audio cable (kevlar) 1/4 24k gold pro adapter If interested, please send me a PM! Payment is via Paypal and standard shipping is included. (No trades at the moment as I need the funds for another purchase)
Late to the party but I'm definitely interested in going. I am happy either days but on Sunday, I have an appointment at 3.
@mechgamer Why use a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint? It's much more convenient to carry through college and cost effective too not to mention the risk of work being wiped out by a water spill. I know the arguments of a fountain pen vs a ballpoint. In fact, I used to write with the fountain pen exclusively but today ballpoints has come a long way. They don't require a lot of pressure and are very reliable (Eg/ Papermate Inkjoy).   If you wish to get a fountain pen, I...
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