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Up for grabs is my beloved Crossfade M100 in great condition!  Headphone comes with: Box Exoskeleton hard case 1-button SpeakEasy mic cable (kevlar) SharePlay audio cable (kevlar) 1/4 24k gold pro adapter If interested, please send me a PM! Payment is via Paypal and standard shipping is included. (No trades at the moment as I need the funds for another purchase)
Late to the party but I'm definitely interested in going. I am happy either days but on Sunday, I have an appointment at 3.
@mechgamer Why use a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint? It's much more convenient to carry through college and cost effective too not to mention the risk of work being wiped out by a water spill. I know the arguments of a fountain pen vs a ballpoint. In fact, I used to write with the fountain pen exclusively but today ballpoints has come a long way. They don't require a lot of pressure and are very reliable (Eg/ Papermate Inkjoy).   If you wish to get a fountain pen, I...
 Or get a nice Pilot 78g in fine or extra fine. The pens mentioned above rarely have fine/extra-fine nibs - mechgamer's preference.
 A 18K nib feels a lot softer than a 14K one IMO and I can't imagine what 21K nib would feel like. This is Montblanc though so I couldn't speak for Japanese pens although the consensus in fountain pen communities is that every Japanese nib (with the exception of nibs deliberately designed to be flexible) writes like a nail regardless of gold content.
With IEMs, you won't be able to hear the person next to you with your music on even on lowest volume unless they're yelling of course which you don't really want. The Apple Earpods aren't bad at all, a huge step up from its predecessor (kudos to Apple).
Annnd.. there you go Sofia. I like them for the same reason: timbre. 
Hey Sofia,   My tastes are very similar to yours and you will not regret the HD600, trust me on this. Very well rounded, excellent timbre. I am unsure about your amp but if it can power it then it'll be fine. There's not a lot of difference between low-mid end amps anyway.   If you're not prepared to shell a grand on an HD800, an HD600 is your best bet for a headphone.    ps. I'm already out of the headphone hobby - the HD600 happens to kick me out.
Nice Targas 
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