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It would be interesting to see a review by a forum member.
PM'd about the 650s
Has anyone combined the Schiit Magni/Modi with the RS-2s?
I'm in Orlando but I may be interested depending on date/time.   Grado RS-2 Soul SL150 (surprisingly fun for $50)   Old CMOY amp
ust picked up the c700s today from Fry's for $59+tax, apparently they are clearancing them. I could even see the original $199.99 sticker on them. So far I like them but I need more time to evaluate
So for someone that has avoided listening to Ministry after that horrible CD that was Filth Pig are the new ones closer to their older stuff (The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste) or more like Filth Pig?
The main character of the book is Satori also known as Gentle.
You got any 80mm Panaflo fans? Perferably the L coded ones.
ambrosia has a lot of nice things, if they would be interested in hosting I'd definately go
Been married over ten years and don't really believe in divorce, but I think cheating, loss of trust, or someone that constantly inhibits your enjoyment of life would have to be valid reasons.
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