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I can't thank you enough for this simple but very useful tips.  Now I can use my fitear togo  without hiss :D
I hope this comes with at least 2 years warranty.
  Not yet bro rudi, I would love to hear your ak100 someday when I visit Jakarta if I may
Look forward to your impression, as I like pico slim and thinking of getting ak100.
Thank you, this is really useful for a newbie like me.
Got myself a black edition with a new component and a new 2000mah battery, Should be here in 3 days!
It's now back with perfect shape! Thanks to JHAudio to make it fast and to ship it with UPS (took 2 days to get from US to Indonesia). I'm a happy man now!   PS: Sent the iem to JHAudio on 9th March 2012, and got it returned and fixed on 22nd March 2012.
Is the cable really stiff? How is it for commuting? Thanks.
As I'm typing this message, the iem is on Fedex vehicle for delivery. Hope it'll be fixed soon :)
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