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The sound in the left ear of my Vsonic GR06 have stopped working(took more than a year for that to happen, which is a record), so I'm looking for a replacement/upgrade.   Having had them for more than a year, I'm pretty sure I'm not an audiophile, as I still have no idea what any of the sound signatures(highs, mids, lows, balanced, warm and sweet, neutral, v-shaped etc.) mean, even after reading on it. I'm using the IEMs that came with my Galaxy S3(maybe you can review...
I'm thinking of getting the re-400 as an upgrade/replacement for my gr06(sound stopped working in one ear).How do they compare?
It's still on ebay and amazon though. What do you mean the design is outdated? Yeah, like the Apple ones.
I've had my VSonic GR06 for almost a year now(they're my first pair of IEMs), and I honestly don't think it sounds any different from any of the earbuds I've worn over the years. The only thing I like about it, and the only difference I notice, is the isolation, which I like, however, it still isn't enough sometimes. So what's the best IEM for <$300, with at least a 4 for isolation, and better sound than the GR06? Some of the models that fit the criteria aren't on ebay...
Awesome thread + post, I'll check this out.
The GR06 has a cable cinch now. How long do you guys burn in for, and what tracks do you use?
The GR06 has a cable cinch now. (Mine does, anyway-bought from lendmeurears on ebay) How much burn in time do you recommend for it, and what do you do/how long?
So there was no TF10 Black Friday sale this year?
Is the GR06 comfortable enough to go to sleep with?
Does the GR06 require an amp? I'll be using it with my Galaxy Ace S5830.
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