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 Just Ordered The E12, Hoping It will be as good as you say, the T70p are tricky cans, on one hand they are 32 Ohm Impedance, but on the other hand they are big, All-metal, tesla drivers cans so amping them is always a bit of riddle Anyway thanks alot a man! 
 up to 200$ is no problem, but Who In your opinion is the better amp? the BH or the E12?
 Thanks! Looks like The perfect amp for me, an Upper-Tier E11
Hi   I've been using the Beyer T70p for over a year now, directly connected to my iPod Classic, And I need Suggestions for a portable amp, which would make a difference (I've previously used the Fiio E11 with a LOD but the amp broke down)    I'ts for portable use mostly, so a DAC is not really necessery but I won't mind paying the extra money for a DAC as long the Amp is fully portable (about same footprint as the iPod classic, Not to thick)       Price is 200$,250...
Hello   I'm currently owning a Fiio E11 and a Beyer T70p   I'm thinking about amp upgrade and I need suggestions.   Note:must be have the about the same footprint or very close to iPod Classic and must be thin   Budget: 200$   PS: is it worth to upgrade the E11 for the t70p?   Best Regards   Omer
I've actually replaced my C2 with iPod Classic 160GB, and bought a Beyerdnamic T70p instead of the T5p.   So my actually setup now is: iPod Classic 160GB----->Fiio L9---->Fiio E11------>Beyerdynamic T70p   but thanks for the replay.
I'm hoping "Binaural+" will become a standard in all Recording Labes,Loudspeakers doesn't lose a thing from this particular type of recording while headphones have everything to gain.   Go Chesky!
Good luck! I want the amperior! (but I wouldn't mind the conselation prizes)
are these still for sale?
Beyerdynamic T5p or Ultrsone Edition 8 Have fun burning you wallet 
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