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I bought the K702 due to its reputation as being light on bass, my Sennheiser HD555s had too much! The initial few months of use...they hardly got used, I could listen maybe for 15 minutes before my ears would hurt. Piercing highs and no bass to speak of!    However, after a year or so of on-and-off use (I pretty much gave up using them all the time like I used to with the HD555), either my ears or the headphones have changed. The highs are not painful to listen to,...
  Trying out clarity mode in Camera+ with my Seiko SARB033!
I don't really think what you describe is that uncommon. After all, the concept of hope in the face of adversity is an oft-used theme in all sorts of artistic work.   For me, Armin van Buuren - Burned with Desire has this sort of happy/sad epicness (?) that you are talking about:  
    Here is the Antea KS on a 6.25" wrist. The slim bezel and white dial really make the watch wear larger than it really is, but as you can see it looks fine here! I'm not a fan of the lugs, a bit spartan for my taste, but this watch is up there when it comes to timeless beauty.      
Oh yes, House of Cards was utterly brilliant. Go on youtube  and you can see all of Francis Urquhart's most searing lines :D    
The narration was waaay over the top, it got annoying after the first 10 seconds! Now they need to make the in-game graphics look like that trailer and it should be quite spectacular.   wind016, Square Enix bought Eidos, the original owner of the TR franchise, so SE is now the title publisher. 
Listened to them about 3 times each, and I picked #2 :D. Listening again, the major difference I can tell, and would appreciate to have, is the 'spacing' around the vocals in #1, they are more clearly defined among the other instruments than in #2! They both sounded just great though, more than I can say for some of the 128k mp3s I have on my computer.   I find the main reason why 128k has gotten a bad rep is the audio source. I still have a few 128k AAC files from...
    The Housemaid...6/10   A korean film that is a remake of the 1960 movie of the same name. A timid housemaid joins the household of a very rich family and promptly has an affair with the man of the house. The lady of the house and her mother quickly find out and plot her exit, all over a slow, gorgeously shot 2 hours.   This movie is confused about what it wants to be...a dark thriller, a satire, I'm not really sure. It's a really slow burn with some...
Generally I am not a fan of HOT hot sauces...I don't consider heat to be a flavour. I do love sriracha though, mainly because it is delicious (and with a small kick of heat at the end). Scrumptious on toast with cheese!
  Took this shot ages ago but I didn't really pay attention to it...sometimes it helps taking a second look at old shots that might have gotten lost in the set!
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