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Thank you all for these links! That will keep me entertained for a while I guess! 
Hello,   I'd first like to thank this wonderful community for the great content resource you are generating.  I've been reading very good posts here and there that cover many different aspects of digital and analog audio and I've become a fan of the sound science section lately. I'm looking for a good source where I can learn how to read and interpret measurements done on DACs, especially those that would indicate when a DAC is good at reconstructing the analog...
I could hear a difference but I also believe this to be a bad quality recording.   Foobar -->Matrix Mini via USB -->AKG 271 MkII
I'm using the AKG 271 MKII in the office for around 5 hs a day and I'm very happy with 'em. Comfortable and I like they way they sound (better than the AKG K 172 HD I had before these IMHO).    
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