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What's the best app for iPhone to output DSD to the iFi DSD Micro? Is it Onkyo's HD player?
Just got an Apple TV and was wondering what DAC I should get to feed an all Meridian analog system... As a previous owner of Mjolnir and Gungnir (and gen1 Modi) I am pleased to see a Modi Uber in my future. Now I just need to find some $2,500 per meter SE interconnects to go with... 😎 (that's sarcasim btw)
In the past few days, I've been getting alerts from my wireless carrier about exceeding my data plan on my iPhone. I've never received these alerts before. The only change is that I've started a TIDAL subscription once I moved to a 6 plus. Oddly, almost all of my my streaming has been in wifi environments. Not sure it's an issue centered around TIDAL, but will have to learn more regarding the data usage.
Yesterday I got to listen to the PM-2s paired with the HA-1 at a local shop. Yum.. I won't try and go into all the PRAT type of analysis. Simply put, in the words of Ivor Tiefenbrun founder of Linn Audio, 'does an audio system make you want to listen to more music?' The Oppo pair answers that with a resounding yes!  Can't wait to add them...
Would like to see two comparisons KEF M500 vs PM-3 and iFi DSD Micro vs HA-2
 There is, although I have not yet tried it...
Successfully streaming TIDAL on my Logitech Squeezebox Touch playing through my PS Audio Perfectwave DAC Mk I..   Thanks to John Darko @ DAR for the h/t!   Tidal streaming comes to Logitech Squeezebox and AURALiC Aries John H. Darko 25.11.2014
Observation on High Res streaming services.   For the most part, a good many Music Streamers cannot stream these high res sources directly into their hardware systems. I think Linn and Auralic can do this to some degree, and fairly sucessfully. But my PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MkI cannot accept these streams directly. But rather an iOS device/and or PC usually needs to be inserted into the equation, which is then connected to a music streamer device like a PWD.   I find...
agreed. curious to know what hardware mfg'ers will endorse the hi Def streaming services. I have a PS Audio PWD MkI and I see over on the PSA community forum, PSA says they currently do not know how their Directstream DAC (or any of their hardware) can stream TIDAL. Wondering if it is time to 'hit the bid' on the PWD, and opt for Auralic Aries which purportedly does stream hi def services. Thoughts?
Now 24 hours into my iDSD Micro.. Upon first operation harsh and brittle sounding.. Left it running all night until batt died. Will do this for a few more days.. Already sounds more fluid, warm and with depth that was lacking last night. Using my Squeezebox Touch as source. Have used iPhone too running Amplliflac app w Naim Audio 192k recordings. I'll wait a while before comparing to my grun/mjo Schiit Audio stack that preceded this..
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