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Sure enough, a dead cck cable. Oddly this cable died the same day my iphone 6 plus died which was replaced by apple. Lightning port was not letting in voltage to charge battery.. Cause and causality ... No clue what caused what though
My 6 plus died yesterday and i replaced it w a 6s plus. The old 6 plus ran the mojo fine since buying the mojo 30 days ago. Only change is the new phone. Tomorrow Ill check the mojo on both my laptop and desktop pc's. If it works fine there, I'll assume the cck died.
Anybody having issues getting their mojo to work with Apple's iOS 9.3? Music comes out of my speaker on my 6s plus, not through my mojo.
Just heard MQA files for the first time today at my local hi fi shop where I also bought a mojo as well. Spent some time listening to The Doors Riders on the Storm via a 100 wpc Moon Audio integrated amp and DAC, Bluesound Node 2 streamer decoding the MQA files on a USB stick driving a pair of stand mounted Focal loudspeakers. What stunned me was how the drums sounded. You could hear and feel a real three demensional quality to the drum sticks hitting the surface of the...
I had the people at Elijah Audio build me a one-off, custom cable to use from my iFi Audio Micro DSD Headphone amp/dac and my iPhone (used w the CCK of course, not in sale) Info about Elijah Audio cable construction: http://www.elijahaudio.com "Elijah cables are handbuilt in Adelaide, South Australia All wiring is Audience Cryo CU and/or Mundorf Silver/Gold solid core. Katoen Interconnects use either Eichmann Cu Bullet plugs or Neutrik Au XLR plugs. Any Elijah cable can...
Here's a few pixs of my custom cable for my iDSD Micro. I wanted to get rid of the USB adaptor which this cable does. Sourced the cable from http://www.elijahaudio.com from their site: 'All wiring is Audience OCC cryo treated copper. Coloured outer sleeves are hand dyed, unbleached 100% cotton. Internal tubing is unbleached 100% cotton.' Like all cables, these need some burn-in time. I probably have 25-30 hours w 100 being the point to where they have settled in. So far,...
GTK... I have maybe 50 plus hrs on mine. Keep sounding better each day..
Ok, I'm in 'the club' now. Just purchased a pair of PM-2s. Using them with my iFi Micro DSD connected to my 6 plus.  Also have a custom built USB cable A male to A female by http://www.elijahaudio.com using Audience OCC cryo treated copper wrapped in a red cotton sleeve, quad braid design. This allows me to get rid of iFi's USB dongle thing. The cable needs about 100 hrs to break in so I'm a ways from that as I just got it. Still, TiDAL and FLAC files sound great. How...
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