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Saw this image posted on Tone Audio's Personal Audio Facebook page but not much comes up in an online search
Would be curious to see a comparison to Schiit Gun/Mjo stack. I like the idea of being able to use an iOS device as a transport, stream via Bluetooth etc. been a fan of Ortho headphones for decades. Hope to learn more about both of these Oppo products
Original owner selling one pair NuForce S3-BT speakers.   Sale includes one pair of Audioengine DS1 Desktop Stands too.   Fantastic condition..
Right on! "4. Be memorable—this isn’t about getting everyone to like you, this is about getting some people to love you."
My mobile system: iPhone 4S iOS 7 CCK Meridian Explorer (w ext battery power) KEF M500s
Jude, Did Bob Stuart say why no balanced output for the Prime? Just curious
I had to abandon Elyric too, in favor of MinimServer controlled by Linn Kinsky. Easer to use, and sounds good
I used BTG Audio to recable both my Yamaha HP-1s and HP-2s. Very pleased w his work.
The company is named for exactly what you found... I've owned over 15 Meridian components for the past 20 yrs starting w the 200 series kit....(which is still used daily-including my M 20 speakers that I'm listening to now)But as an owner of Schitt Gun/Mjo fully balanced system, why no balanced output on the Prime?
Try for shorter lengths
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