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Are you sure this wasn't just referring to the design changes from Jupiter? The current shells for the Andromeda are rounder than the Jupiter and use different screws. I am very dubious that CFA has decided to halt production and redesign everything.
No, but I did figure it out. It's a spacer for pairing with an external amp.
I just got my international version, and it came with a little piece of black silicone/rubber with Sony printed on one side and the narrow edges radiused on one side. What is this for?
For sale is my Audeze Sine with Cipher cable, in like-new condition with all packaging and accessories and receipt.   $400 shipped, but you pay Paypal fees. CONUS only.
Due to life circumstances, I am sorry to have to sell my LCD 2 Fazor. This is the bamboo model in the older hard case. Includes a custom grey-and-burgundy 1/4" SE cable from ela-audio, which cost me $90. Please see the attached photos, but this includes everything except the FR graph, which the dealer didn't give me. Also includes extended (and original) yokes   Serial is 5423435.    $800 shipped and insured to CONUS.   Because I'm not a retailer, I'm not selling...
My UERMs have made all my other IEMs redundant, although the W30 is by far my favorite non-custom IEM that I've ever owned.   For sale is a used Westone W30 in near-perfect condition. Includes all original packaging and accessories, including a whole mess of tips, a case, and changeable body plates.   $300 including shipping and Paypal fees to CONUS. No trades.
With other headphones in my collection, these became redundant shortly after I received them and have been played less than an hour. Emerald green bodies with clear faceplates and red logo. Includes my name and Kickstarter backer number on bodies. Includes Linum BaX cable, a bunch of Comply Tips (a couple pairs used), case, cleaning cloth, and cleaning tool. Price includes Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS.   No trades.
Bowers and Wilkins P7, less than 50 hours, like-new condition. Includes all original packaging, case, and 1/4" adapter. $250 shipped to CONUS. Willing to trade for Sennheiser HD600 or HD650.
Used SE535, clear. Includes original packaging, all original accessories, and extra tuning filters. Like-new condition. $250 shipped to CONUS. Paypal only. Willing to trade for Sennheiser HD600 or HD650.
This would be my vote. I replaced my SE535 with the Westone W30 and am much happier with them in every respect.
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