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Price drop
I have a set of Fostex TH600's for sale. Less than 1 year old. I am the second owner and have less than 50 hours on them. They were purchased in !November 2013 from Headroom and are listed as B stock but I can't find anything wrong with them. They look perfect. There is a corner of the box with a dent. Not sure if that would do it. I'm selling them because I'm using a a big Rogue Audio integrated tube amp and these are a little too sensitive for that. I love the amp so...
Sorry about interrupting the conversation flow but I just picked up a new set of these and have only been listening for about 20 minutes. Very, very nice.
I see the turntable in the background. Is this also when playing vinyl? My issue is I need a closed phone but don't want to spend the money for the TH900 or LCD-XC
Interesting because I'm trying to decide between the Th 600 and T5P. Other than quick sale is there another reason you would sell the 600. Is there something you aren't happy with?
Due to an unfortunate accident this cart is missing the needle. The bright side to this whole debacle is that I had an excuse to upgrade. The pro who checked it out said that the best bet is to replace the stylus. This cart has about 200 hours on it and is in otherwise great shape. A check inline shows that the stylus can be purchased for between 367.00 and 425.00 new. So I would like 100.00 or a trade for a set of headphones someone has laying around. Pm if...
You aren't still upset about that sign with directions to the village idiots convention are you? Isn't there a statute of limitations on thst?
I really might make an attempt to be up that way during that time. Interested to see what date you all come up with. Will bring the rogue audio rig along with LCD-3 and hopefully e. LCD- XC if I do. Also a Jolida tube DAC
I'm kind of underwhelmed myself. The three record shops I've been too aren't really that good, kind of small. With all the money floating around I know there has to be some serious rigs out there but I'm not hearing anything, of course I haven't really gone out actively looking. I saw where the folks in North florida were trying to put something together but nothing down here. I'm not seeing any shops with good supplies of headphones. A huge amount of people on Miami...
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