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Hi peterkim, unfortunately I think it would not be worth sending them over to the US with price conversion and shipping prices. Thanks for the interest though!
Apologies to anyone who messaged me. After a while of trying to sell the headphones, I gave up and forgot about selling them completely. Now that's it's coming up to Christmas, I will put them back up for sale actively! Condition has not changed.   Thanks all!
Hi, I've actually gotten a lot of requests to sell the pads separately, but I think I would prefer to sell them together. It was necessary to destroy one pair of the stock pads but these do come with the other remaining pair and the J$ ones, so 2 in total.   Just to clarify, the price of 300 is only very optimistic by me and what I would love to receive, but I am open to any realistic offer.   Thanks for looking.
250 or BEST OFFER or trade.   Got some near mint/ like new Ultrasone Pro 900s with some DIY installed J$ leather pads for sale or trade.   The cans come with the original box,headphone case, both cables (1 short 3.5mm and 1 longer coiled 6.5mm), Ultrasone CD and pamphlet and 2 pairs of pads, 1 stock pair and the other are the leather J$ pads.   To attach the J$ pads, it was necessary to butcher the replacement pads and take the bottom off so I could super...
PMed you :)
I have started using the 11.32 via optical to my laptop as the USB driver was ridiculously frustrating and unreliable. I am not unfamiliar with installing drivers and other software on my computer, but all I have been having with the Audio GD driver software is issues from the start. Depending on which USB port I used, it would not work, if I restarted my laptop, occasionally it would decide not to work again, the Audio GD deck would constantly crash and even gave me...
Sorry I think you misunderstood my question. The phono preamps I can see seem to only have RCA outputs to go to amplifiers. My headphone amp does not have an RCA input, only coaxial, optical and usb.    My headphone amp also has a build in DAC, would this be bypassed if using a Turntable?
Hi guys, just a quick question.   If I have a Turntable that requires a phono-preamp, is it possible to get a cheap one that I could then connect to my headphone amp, which has 3 inputs, optical, coaxial and usb?    I want to buy a turntable soon, but at the minute I do not have the money for an extra receiver/amplifier and speakers, so it would be much easier if I could use it with my already existing headphone set up.   Sorry for the amateur question, my...
Looking to swap my Audio GD NFB 11.32 for some nice headphones, mainly interested in HD 600s or 650s. If you have anything else interesting, let me know. If we come to an agreement, I will cover my end of the postage (located in Ireland). Maybe add some cash for the right set. Thanks and all the best.
Having a bit of trouble with the software at the minute. So my laptop broke and I am using a different one, still Windows 7. From a fresh install of the OS, I put my collection of FLAC tracks on the laptop and attempted to reinstall the software for the 11.32. I downloaded Version 1.22 because I bought my unit in February, unzipped it and installed it. After the installation was finished, I restarted the laptop. When I was back into the OS, I opened up the Audio GD Deck...
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