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Oh well, these cans never had much bass to bleed but I will listen for it.   Yeah, for the price of wooden cups and recabling I could pick up a nice set of mid tier phones or nice iems.
Thanks, I forgot to mention that I popped these off as well. Looks like I finally got something right! Will have to put the cups back on to see if I can detect any change in sound for better or worse.
Thanks for the response... I guess I should have read through the whole thread before attempting surgery. I've already removed the grill cloth and opened all the vents, albeit with small holes. I put the felt on the back of the driver, which may not do anything. Up to this point it looks as though I've not affected or negatively affected these sr-60s???   If the wooden cups only add a bit a flavor it doesn't seem worth it to spend upwards of $100 to have them shipped to...
I have a pair of sr-60s that I had planned to sell but decided to mod instead. So far I have removed the grill cloth, vented the holes and added felt to the magnet. Any advice on what to do next before putting the cups back on? Is it worth the cost of recabling or wooden cups?
Hi Roma,   I see you have the Denon D1000 up for sale. How would you compare these to the M-80s?   Cheers!
So are there any differences, besides cable, between the black and white pearl M-80s?
  Any further comparisons between the L1 and M1? Thanks!
sorry, double post
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