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Up on Ebay
In used, but excellent, condition and technically perfect. They have been recabled with Mogami, tech-flex and a Switchcraft jack. Included are the carrying case and the aftermarket pads shown in the photos. Insured shipping is free in Spain and 15€ to other countries in the E.U.   I have more (good) feedback in the old thread and on ebay (user i.d. Americandreaming). This item will go off to eBay soon if not sold here, I need to clear out my drawers.
trade pending...
PM replied. Price lowered.
Sorry, not interested in the MS1s and would rather keep shipping to Europe for the time being.
130€ shipped in Spain
A nice IEM?
AKG K545 in excellent condition (like new except for a small scratch visible in the photo) with both cables included and 1/4 inch adapter. Original box is scratched up but is still useful to store the headphones.   Excellent sounding headphones but I could not get a good seal while wearing glasses.   Price includes shipping in the EU.   Will also trade for Beyerdynamic T51p, good speaker drivers, diy parts, etc.   Old feedback here and here.
pm sent
Oh well, these cans never had much bass to bleed but I will listen for it.   Yeah, for the price of wooden cups and recabling I could pick up a nice set of mid tier phones or nice iems.
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