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white noise and lady audley's secret 
  cheers interpol. pretty boring shot but I like the colors alot
alice in chains \m/
just some simple stuff.... I wish I had more than one lens...
I know it is not my picture but... My friend got a fish eye for is d700 today and we spent time playing with it instead of studying for process control. more of his stuff at his blog lol mementos and aesthetic outlays
If I was starting all over and not shooting for the paper I would just pick up a d40 w/ 35mm 1.8.
Oh. I am nigerian, so I already understand the related safety concerns. The 300 f2.8 is not for big game but for ACC football. The 17-40 would be the only "new" purchase, and everything else we be an upgrade. 70-200 2.8 to 300 2.8, 28 to 30, and 50 1.8 to 50 1.4. I don't think I will buy the canon 50 1.4 anymore. I finally got to look at my pictures from the boston college game... I am probably going to sell off everything and just get the 30mm 1.4 and strobes at the...
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