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Thanks for the comments.I'm planning on upgrading my SRM-252S to something better.I'm sure my SR-207 cans could use a better amp.
I can't complain too much, I only paid $75 for my old electrets!
On further thought, it is also to protect your headphones, to make sure you don't blow your headphones when you crank the volume to drive your power amp.I'm not saying it will happen with any headphone, but if you have very sensitive headphones............you could be cranking some less sensitive headphones from a separate headphone amp and fry your more sensitive headphones via the DACs headphone jack.I would stick with Beresford....The Caiman Mk II would be my first...
They typically assume you are driving a power amp with a pair of speakers with the Line Out and want to mute the Line Out when you plug in headphones.
It is an excellent DAC for a first DAC.Better than the first two DACs I bought!
I'm no expert on electrets, but I used to have an old pair of Signet Electrets, they didn't play very loud, distorted easily even at medium volumes and didn't have a lot of bass.But within those limitations, they sounded very good indeed!
She makes me drool.....
I think your father is 100% correct. Just my personal taste, but I like a lot of tube amps.I still own one vacuum tube headphone amp.
Yep, that's basically what I find!See my comments below.I get quite satisfactory results driving my Q701 from my iPod or iPad. I don't think they sound harsh at all via an iPod or ipad.As Tvnosaint points out, they work fine from his TV's headphone jack.But they definitely will sound, fuller, clearer, more open and more controlled from a quality DAC and amp.
Thanks for the review.I've always wondered why anyone would prefer the headphone jack of a typical receiver over a good headphone amplifier.
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