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Or he will beat the game!
Keep in mind the headphones "internal wiring" from the left side to the right side is actually the two pieces of spring steel in the headband.So no matter what cable you replace the stock cable with, you are still listening to two pieces of steel unless you wire directly to the right side driver.
And may I also add that Gain and Headroom are two different things, just because the gain is set to "High", doesn't mean you don't have a lot of headroom for driving your headphones. The "High" gain setting may only be 6 dB of gain.
....time for some positive feedback...Plasma = nice!Thanks, CJ
I agree, I have all my embedded art on my X5 and I don't have any problems.
I remain very impressed by my Simaudio 310 phono pre-amp.Great sound, ultra quiet, very flexible.
You look like a very intelligent man.I trust you implicitly.If you say that's a grapefruit, then it must be a grapefruit.....
A shame it's so expensive out your way.It works perfectly with those two pieces.
I sure do!I'm kind of anal that way, I use the feet to prevent scratches.I seem to remember getting rubber feet with the X5 AND with the E12 just for this purpose.Both my X5 and my E12 have rubber feet on them, so the X5 has rubber feet between the X5 and E12, and the E12 has rubber feet as the E12 is on the bottom of "the stack".I also have the FiiO stacking kit with the cute little silver cable thingy to hold the whole thing togetherCJ
Makes sense. Home video connections like the legacy composite video and component video formats really should have used BNC connectors. But they are soooo 2005......
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