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I disagree!
Yes, they still exist.Kinda like musicians who actually PLAY their instruments.Like all natural ice cream.Or an actress wthout ANY plastic or cosmetic surgery.Or an honest man.Honest politicians have never existed.They are like the Easter Bunny.
Donald Trump would fire you for that! The output stage actually is transistors, Bipolar Junction Transistors to be exact!
He wants to use the headphone amp's pre-amp out to drive a power amp.Fule! BTW, pin 3 should only be tied to ground via a resistor.......cos you never know.
This headphone amp does not have output transformers.
Dude, sweet.I got me a set of Cleveland era Rogers too.Silver Sparkle.12 X 813 X 914 X 1422 X 14plus a COB 5 X14 Dyna-Sonic Snare andCOB 5 X 14 Powertone Snaretoms all have coated Ambassadors on the bottom12" and 13" have coated Ambassador batters14" tom has a smooth white Emperorbass drum has a coated Emperor batter, no front head (OK, it has an Evans open screen head)Dynasonic has Diplomats top and bottomPowertone has Ambassadors top and bottom
Ahhhh......Highland Park! Outstanding!Try Highland Park, or as suggested earlier........The Macallan
Peace out, homie!
Yeah man, that makes sense!You got it right on the nose.
Deleted by popular demand
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