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Ugh.Just picked up the mono Rubber Soul on vinyl 2 days ago.I've been comparing the new mono vinyl release to my 1987 Capitol stereo vinyl. The 1987 Capitol stereo is not the greatest pressing.Mix wise, I prefer the mono!Also compared the new mono vinyl to the MFSL stereo vinyl, mono wins again! At least the MFSL vinyl sounds better than the Capitol vinyl.I don't think I can ever listen to stereo versions of RS again....groan....
"It only has a half a circuit board" is a rather odd criticism.
Imaginary numbers are a fallacy.Have you ever seen one?
I sold my used Matrix M Stage for $140, keep an eye out for a used one!I replaced it with a Matrix Quattro.
Power engineers like to say "power factor" because "phase angle" is too difficult to pronounce!
So you're a metallurgist, I guess that makes you the "In house alchemist"Point taken.Henceforth we shall refer to Electrical Engineering as "Voodoo".I shall modify my profile accordingly.
Agree 100%!The M Stage is great with the Q701s.Plus you can roll in different Op Amps if you want to experiment!
What can I say?Personally,I must admit to being extremely bored by the Damping Factor thread.
Yep, Stan is OK in my book!
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