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Ebert is a grossly overrated film critic who reeks of smug self-importance.Sounds like an Ebertesque reivew of Ebert, doesn't it?
Thanks for clarifying that!
Oh, yeah!
Do not advise someone to run a 100 Vac power supply off 120 Vac!
I don't like Britney Spears so I don't listen to her. Simple. Saying "Dead Can Dance" are better than "Brand X" but not as good as "Brand Y" is a judgment call. You are entitled to your opinion
Everyone is entitled to their opinion..... Personally, I just don't "get" Steely Dan. Pompous, self-indulgent, pretentious BS. BTW, no ever forced anyone to listen to The Beatles. You make it sound like some big conspiracy to make everyone listen to what you think is garbage. YMMV.
 Yes, I like the SRS-2170 that much  I have the 120 Vac power supply, I bought mine in the USA.Yes, a clearer presence in the sonic image.I haven't spent much time with the more expensive Stax, these 'phones sound good, but I don't usually get a "you are there" feeling from headphones.I've gotten that a few times from loudspeakers, though.
 Short answer is I preferred my 600 OHM DTs with my vacuum tube La Figaro 336C headphone amp.I think it made the DT880 sound less mechanical. If an headphone amp only has one tube, then it's basically guaranteed that the amp is a solid state/vacuum tube hybrid,  i.e. it probably has a vacuum tube input stage and a soild state output stage.
 I like to think it sounds like the AKG Q701, but with all the problems fixed!  I think the 207 sounds more natural and less mechanical, clearer, more transparent than a similarly priced dynamic headphone system.It doesn't have the treble distortion that you hear with a similarly priced dynamic.When you first try a pair of 207's you'll notice the reduced distortion. 
 Or maybe just plain greedy!  LOL Sigh, it's an addiction really.I mayhave made a few changes to our Home​ Theatre system......  
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