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I'm sure you've seen the X5 block diagram on the FiiO website.If I understand your question, then yes, I would guess that the Line Out branches off in the X5, Line Out is most likely the output of the OPA1612 on the right (the voltage amplification block).OPA has a max output of 30 mA.LMH6643 has a maximum output of 75 mA, so it has more current to drive headphones.You've probably figured this out already.
Noise, distortion....Define the mathematical superposition of frequencies?Not too sure what that means?
Yes, it's possible.I've seen it happen.
I have a couple of BNC cables.
Ummm....I was going to try and answer this question, but I'm not too sure what you mean by a "shunt"."it rather seems to be some kind of shunt from the line out"?In the X5 the headphone ampliifier is another amplifier after the line out.
That's a very complex question.If the load is purely resistive, the power applied to the load will be Watts.If the load is resisitve, inductive and capacitive, the power applied to the load will be a combination of Watts and VA.In addition, the Capella spec sheet is a bit vague, but probably only outputs 2 Watts/channel into a 12 Ohm Load with a 15 Vdc power supply, if you combine both channels, this may be where the 4 Watts comes from.It may output approx half that into...
PM me before you go, if you need it, I can bring my CD player.The CD player only has digital outputs (optical, RCA and BNC), but you'll be OK if you bring your DAC.
Problem is:The fuse blew because?Of what?One thing about replacing a fuse, if the fuse blows again, sometimes you can create even more damage.
Sorry, I wrote this while eating breakfast and trying get to work on time.It's either write an accurate e-mail or get to work on time!Guess what?I got to work on time!I should point out that I was only referring to the 325i and and 225i.But I have tried the RS-2i and RS-2e.My least favourite was the PS-500.As I said earlier, my favourite was the RS-2e.I'll add this, my second favourite was the RS-2i.You're correct about the price, in Canada there is also a big jump...
I'Ve tried most of those headphones.My personal choice would be the RS-2e, which I'd like to buy this year.The 325i was too bright, the PS-500 was just awful, very muddy compared to an RS-2i.When I compared an SR-325i to the 325i and the RS-2i, I thought the 325i was too bright, but the RS-2i sounded like and improved, more refined SR-225i.I felt the RS-2e was better still.
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