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IMHO.........I prefer loudspeakers. Not trying to start a flame war, it's just my preference.
No there will not be any difference in volume between the 3 pin and 4 pin balanced headphone outputs.
I finished reading Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" a few days ago, outstanding book, highly recommended!
That's a complicated question!You've really opened a can of worms, LOL!Just about every component in my main stereo has a ground pin on the AC plug and I have no issues with hum.I have a Beresford DAC in my headphone rig, there is the ground post on the back of the DAC, I had to tie it to ground to get rid of an annoying hum!So the answer is, it's complicated! :-)
The ground pin on a 3 pin AC plug is primarily for safety.If a high voltage component in the amplifier was to touch the case, then the grounded case would still be at ground potential ( i.e. you would. ot get a shock from the case) and the circuit breaker for the wall receptacle should trip (i.e. open up).
Avoiding it on general principle?Eh?
the New "Ghostbusters". I'll give it a 9 out of 10. Keep in mind my rating is based on how it compares to similar comedies. The casting is perfect. The script is great. Don't expect logic or realism, this is ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous. Comparisons to the original Ghostbusters may be interesting but this is 2016, different time, the culture has changed a bit. I'm not too sure where all the hate for this movie on the internet comes from. So the new...
The Stax is approximately half the price of the Grado PS1000e or the Senn HD800.The Stax includes headphones and an amp, so arguably is a few dollars more than the Q701 plus a good amp.Anyway, the Stax is more expensive than just the Q701 so I do see your point!
......either that or the guitars were mixed to fill the whole "back wall" of the master.......!
Try the Stax SRS-2170.To my ears, it sounds like a Q701 improved.
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