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 Those terms are audiophile enough for me!I understand what you are saying!
Just about every SS headphone manufacturer publishes flat frequency response, high SNR and low distortion figures for their headphone amps.For example:FiiO E12, turn off the bass boost and the frequency response is flat until you get out to 40 Hz and 25 kHz where it starts to drop. by the measurements, the E12 is neutral too.But when you try listening to the two amps side by side, well, others...
 Not too sure if cutting the ground is a good idea, especially if one (or both) of the transmitting and receiving devices is floating (not grounded).
 You're like me, once I get one, I'll mostly use it for it's coaxial out.Using the headphone out or line out is secondary.
 E12 has NO problem driving 600 Ohm DT880s!I used to own both.It's a good sounding combo.Can't say I've heard the X5 though. I'm getting one in May, BTW.
 I liked my DT880s with my 336C, I had the La Figaro version.No complaints, really, once I started rolling in some inexpensive NOS tubes.A very nice, lush, warm sound, the 336C took the dryness off the DT880 cans.  The bass didn't really get mushy, but the highs did get smoother and airier.
 Yes, we are talking about microseconds.You are correct, 60-70 Volts per microsecond is quite a bit for a bandwidth of 20 kHz. Not too sure if the Stax amps are designed to drive 3 earspeakers.  Anybody?
 Thanks for the thoughtful answer!  
Wow, it blows me away that the Bush is better than the Resonessance Concero!Keep in mind I've never heard the Concero!But it's more $$$, hence my surprise.
Broadly speaking, eliminating power line noise is always a good thing.
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