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Try volume matching, the differences will become more subtle, assuming to turn all processing off.....if I undeerstand your equipment correctly?
Stax SRS-2170 headphone/amp system Beresford Caiman Mk II DAC Matrix Quattro headphone amp AKG Q701 headphones Sennheiser HD424 headphones Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 iPod with Wadia dock
Good idea!I'll see if I can get off my butt and actually go to the next meet!
Very true.This going in cricles....I'l shut up now.Enjoy your Magni + Modi!
Well it wasn't meant to be!Sorry, plain prose can read different than the tone added by a face to face conversation.But Andre is correct, my true intention was: does that hi-Fi system over in the corner pass The Turing Test?I suspect we tend to forget this in these conversations, but I'm not a mind reader so I can't get into everyone's head.Why do my Classical recordings sound unsatisfying?Because they don't sound like the real thing.OTOH, the local symphony sometimes...
Here is the ultimate goal:Your sound system does not sound like a collection of transistors and speakers, it is indistinguishable from the real thing.Never underestimate The Ducks understanding of human perception!Realism, my friends, realism.Everything else is just a trivial sideshow.When was the last time you listened to your headphones and said, "that sounds like the real thing"?Hey, thanks man!
Edit:You and I must agree to disagree.
Here's where I crank up the irony:Not a good idea.If that happened I would start spending more time in Audiophile forums.......
 A couple of years ago I sold a 30 year old pair of Signet TK-30 electrets for $75.How much were you asking for the SR-30?
No comment!
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