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Sensitivity is 88 dB, impedance is 6 Ohm's but drops to 3 Ohm's at 20 kHz.Right now I'm driving them with a plain old Bryston 2B-LP power amp.A good solid amp, it will drive just about any loudspeaker.The room is 20' X 14', but I actually want to use the Rag to drive the Scripts which are used as the rear channels in a 5.1 system and (obviously) drive headphones too.
Spoiler alert! And are we ever off topic...I wonder if the Ragnarok will drive a pair of Martin Logan Script loudspeakers? Anyone?
Sometimes I wonder how odd English syntax must sound when translated into other languages! LOL!
Thank you, Brian! Some people should read the posting guidelines.Maybe Jeff will bring his MOSFET (or JFET?) buffer to the next meet?
 I must admit to being unfamiliar with Quicksilver, but I am familiar with the other bands. Were Cream a good live band?  I must admit that I like their studio albums, but the live albums have these really long, self indulgent solos. I think some of these guys thought they could solo like Trane......they couldn't!   
 What a bizarre optical illusion it creates!  I like it!
 Quicksilver Messenger Service?Say, you are an old dude! "Sketches Of Spain", one of the greatest works of art of the 20th Century!  
 Thank you.
Michelle Ryan,Say no more!
With a few exceptions:If the energy source is a Warp Drive running off Dilithium Crystals and the Isolation Transformer uses Flux Capacitors, then anything is possible.
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