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Very well said, sir!Thanks for pointing that out.
Sure, get some great headphones! Good headphones don't necessariily need a dedicated headphone amp to sound good . My Q701 sound very good via my computer and via my iPad. You can always buy an amp a year or two from now.
I would say the Q701 stay put as well as any average headphone.Personally, I don't have any problems with thier fit on my head.I hav more troubles with my Stax headphones.I have some tinnitus and I don't find the Q701 fatiguing. As always, keep the volume down, easier said than doe when you have tinnitus though!The Q701 are a somewaht bright headphone, depends on how you feel about using bright headphones really. Personally, I strongly dislike bass heavy headphones. I...
I forgot to mention what it's called: 3 pin mini-XLR!
Actually the Q701 uses a fairly common connector on the headphone, it is not proprietary. There are a lot of aftermarket cables availabe for the Q701 headphones.
Interesting (and honest!) observation!Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the update!Oddly enough, there seems to be a positive effect to lots of power, or perhaps the more powerful headphone amps are also higher quailty amplifiers?Let us know how the K5 works out.
Hey there,I'm not too sure why they said the K5 will not drive a 600 Ohm headphone.The K5 outputs 1.5 Watts into a 32 Ohm headphone which works out to 6.9 Vrms.That's enough to drive a pair of 600 Ohm DT880.It should work! I have no experience with the Schiit Magni 2 so I can't say buy The K5 instead of the Magni, or Magni over the K5.Docking another FiiO product into the K5 is a very nice feature, though.
I do the same thing too, i.e. my brain or ears acclimatize to a headphone.
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