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  I used Telefunken tubes w/Pan-Am, my favorite   ALO also has Cryo'd Telefunken as option now.
Vote Pan-Am w/PassPort   If use with computer, get a audiophile USB kable.   And what kind of music you're listening?
Red is awesome!   Is same type-2 litz wire as before?
Amazing Reviews!!!   Thank you! 
http://www.cambridgeaudio.com/summary.php?PID=952   Can connect to PC via USB, NAS via Ethernet or WiFi, USB HD/Flash via USB, iPod/iPad, PCM via coxical/Optical.   Remote: Factory remote, iPad iPhone, Android.     What HiFi Awards     Use Two WM8740 for each channel, RCA and XLR out.       I saw it's sale for $999@ some webshop. Looks a cool stuff.   Any user here? Interesting about it's SQ.   Thanks!
  Thank you!
  Did you try some boutique/HiFi cables? Sometimes they works.
Hi Jason,   I saw Schiit's importer's web in Taiwan.   They said they'll provide XLR to 1/4 plug adapters for customers who don't has balanced mod. with headphone cable.   So, it's that safe to use adapters?   Thanks!   Pal
  Yes, I can.  I saw the film.  Thanks!   Is there more info in Luxman's press page?
Hi Diseree,   May you please capture some screenshot? P-700u's page only for Japan IP only.    Thank you!
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