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Hi Jason,   I saw Schiit's importer's web in Taiwan.   They said they'll provide XLR to 1/4 plug adapters for customers who don't has balanced mod. with headphone cable.   So, it's that safe to use adapters?   Thanks!   Pal
  Yes, I can.  I saw the film.  Thanks!   Is there more info in Luxman's press page?
Hi Diseree,   May you please capture some screenshot? P-700u's page only for Japan IP only.    Thank you!
Check the film, lots pictures 
600 and 800 are starting pre-order in China
  The DAC will in shop November.   UD-501 looks hot production, should be some review from Japan soon.   Teac demo them now@Akiba audio show.  (Sorry, only in Japanese)       Dual PCM1795 and use four Muses 8920 OPamps@output circuit.     Dual mono design and dual toroidal power transformers.     Digi inputs: 24/96 via Optical, 24/192 via Coaxial,  32/384 and DSD 2.8/5.6M via USB (Not sure which USB receiver was used)   Can switch XLR Hot between No.2 or 3pin, can switch USB power from it's own or computer.   Multi decoding filter...
  I've LCD-2 R2 w/Pan-Am   Pan-Am isn't the best for sure, but it bring musical voice that I'm enjoyed.   And it's power cord free rig., I like it's moveable and listening anywhere in house.
Hi shigzeo, thanks! Maybe try it later.   Anyone has used Pan-Am w/HD800?
Hi shigzeo,   Pan-Am USB cable looks great!   Did you compare to other USB cables?
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