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  Try some Mullard CV4010 with Pan-Am,  I've tried several 6AK5s it brings strongest bass.
  Woo's WA7?   It comes with DAC.
Battery charger will stop charging when it's full, and will become green lights on.   USB & ipod cables are options.
  I just know they're made in France 1963 and malitary spec. (printed five stars on tube)   I'll comments them later.
You're welcome. I hope everyone can have best sound with Pan-Am.     Hope ALO send back to you soon.         What's these?     Must be Santa Claus! I found them in my Santa Sock.
PM sent  
Headfonia posted a Pan-Am tube rolling http://www.headfonia.com/high-octane-fuel-for-the-pan-am-a-tube-rollers-notes/   I'll get some Mullard CV4010
  I used Telefunken tubes w/Pan-Am, my favorite   ALO also has Cryo'd Telefunken as option now.
Vote Pan-Am w/PassPort   If use with computer, get a audiophile USB kable.   And what kind of music you're listening?
Red is awesome!   Is same type-2 litz wire as before?
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