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If someone still interesting, the monolith is ready.
  lol DSD problem not solve?
  Mine Pan-Am/Passport can use 8~9 hours after full charged.   Try Mullard
  lol It has DSD decode
Sorry, my English not well.   I prefer Mullard and Cifte, they're cheap you may purchase both.   Mullard is nice everywhere, Cifte has sweet mids but less soundstage than Mullard.   Telefunken CV4010 leaks bass and thin, same tube as AEG.   Neotron not in recommand.   RTC is nothing special, but just $5 per tube.
I've Siemens 6AK5W (ALO) OTK (Russian Military)(ALO) Telefunken CV4010-Local Seller AEG 5654-ebay Mullard CV4010-Local Seller Cifte EF95-Local Seller Neotron 6AK5W-Local Seller RTC 5654-Local Seller    
Anyone purchased already?  
  4-Pin HP out.
  IeGO L70530-MK power cable?
http://www.lyra-media.com/news_details.php?id=562 (Sorry, it's in Chinese)   They said Goldmund will have headphone HP1 and headamp HD2 this year.     HP1??? Just a HE6 change labels?
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