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Congrats!   Nice setup!   The page only for Japanese, not show infos for other country.
Nice one!
Linnenberg from Germany   They've a spa1   Violectric? maybe will make new V282?
I order two pairs different French tubes.   Neotron, 60s   RTC Military, 70s or early 80s. Dirty cheap, $5 each.   Pics from seller, update when I received.   Mullards has best soundstage, but bass is a little bit much for me.   I found Cifte is better smooth and high if compare with Mullard, but smaller soundstage and less bass. But nice with female vocal, sweet!    
  I found a picture      Maybe similar as Anedio D2?
shigzeo, needs some Mullards?
Pictures from a audio forum "My Hiend" in Taiwan.     4-Pin XLR on the front.  cool
I saw this only on JVC China's site   List price is RMB$9,980        HP drivers direct fix on wood chamber, interesting!
USD1,600!   I can't wait for this.  
Hilo uses seperate DAC chip for headphone amp, and high current buffer LME48600 @headphone amp. ( I found infos from internet)
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